Friday , August 19 2022

PUBG removes a 6 hour restriction, restores payment systems, and adds a new birthday crate


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Indian players went to multiple forums, Reddit and Twitter to show their disappointment at the six-hour game play restriction.

PUBG Mobile recently introduced a health safety alert feature for its Indian users, which locked players out of the game for 24 hours after six hours of gameplay. However, the warning has now been deleted with the company claiming it is a system error error.

The feature was introduced to Indian players with the latest birthday update, which also marked the start of season 6 of the game. After the health safety feature, Indian users went to multiple forums, Reddit and Twitter to show they were unwilling to be restricted to six hours of gameplay. When withdrawing the notice, the company claimed that the feature was a system error that has now stabilized.

It is not clear whether Tencent Games have plans to release a restriction of such in the near future to limit the time people can spend playing the game. It could also become a parental management feature in which the company is rooted in the app.

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PUBG mobile payment systems, which had been down for some time, are now in place. The company has not disclosed why the payment systems have fallen. The company has said that the money will be repaid to their account within a few days if people make any payments while the administrators are down.

The company also appears to have changed the Birthday Coat after receiving feedback from a number of users. Earlier, many users said they did not receive anything from the birthday crate, despite opening it several times.

In related news, PUBG Season 6 has started to introduce a new Pass Royale, grading system, weapon, vehicle and more. To try the new season, you can update the game through the App Store on iOS, and Play Store on Android.

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