Thursday , May 26 2022

Over rapist & # 39; still waiting for a bed in the psychiatric hospital


The Overseas rapper still remains to be admitted to the Weskoppies psychiatric hospital, Netwerk24 was reported.

He is expected to be evaluated to decide if he could be held accountable for a 7-year-old raping at the Dros restaurant in Pretoria restaurant in September.

The person is expected to be back at the Pretoria Magistrates' Court on Wednesday.

According to Netwerk24, the case is likely to be delayed due to a shortage of beds in Weskoppies. The person is due to be admitted for 30 days of observation but is still on a waiting list.

During his previous court appearance on November 1, the court applied a State and defense application to get the convicted 20-year-old for observation of mind.

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In addition, the court applied by the defense to appoint a psychiatrist and an additional clinical psychologist forming a team of four experts who will observe the accused while being in Weskoppies, a government psychiatrist's organization.

Legal aid lawyer, Riaan du Plessis, told the accused, at court that the accused of the accused was required at the time of the alleged incident.

He added that the accused had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 2013 and has been using drugs since he was 14.

It was recorded that the accused had already been re-established for substance misuse.

"He also tried to commit suicide due to severe depression of bipolar," said Du Plessis.

State advocate, Sanet Jacobson told the court that it is in the interests of justice that the accused is referred to Weskoppies for a psychiatric observation.

"[His] criminal capacity could be a relevant issue that followed because a substance was found on it, "said Jacobson.

News24 previously reported that the accused at the restaurant where he is allegedly pursued the 7-year-old child to a bathroom and raped.

It showed a video, seconds taken after the alleged incident, a man that was covered in blood and tired of his people.

The accused has not yet filed a bail request, and has not pleaded to the charges.

* News24 has made a decision not to identify the accused until it has pleaded the court as set out in the Criminal Procedure Act.

Section 154 (2b) of the Criminal Procedure Act states that: No person may at any time before an accused appear in court at any charge referred to in section 153 (3) or at any stage after such appearance but before the accused has pleaded to the charge, publishes in any way regardless of any information related to the charge in question.

Section 153 (3) refers to criminal cases involving sex offenses.

Once the accused has pleaded to the charges, News24 will reveal its identity in accordance with the law.


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