Saturday , February 27 2021

Nintendo Switch was the Best Sale Consol on Cyber ​​Monday

IMint Nintendo Switch Joy Con

Yesterday, faith was revealed Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Let's Go It was the fourth best selling product during Black Friday sales. Adobe has now released information to highlight the most popular products in the United States on Cyber ​​Monday. In more positive news for Nintendo, the Switch was the third best selling product on the list.

This information comes again from Adobe Analytics, which analyzes "billions of data points across Adobe Experience Cloud" to collect insights for online retailing and e-commerce. The company also shared an instrument that shows the recent online sales trends for Cyber ​​Monday. Below are:

Cyber ​​Photo Monday

As you notice, Nintendo Switch was only a video game console, performing better than other technical devices such as laptops (specifically Dell and Apple) and LG TV. Previously there were L.O.L. Syrpreis and Fingerlings – toys have been marketing towards children. The Switch also took fourth place a few days before, on Small Business on Saturday.

After a Pokémon was made on a Black Friday selling chart in the fourth place, it is not surprising to see that the Switch has also had a good sales during this time. As Twinfinite notes, there is no guarantee that this will make the most popular change video game system during this period, as the above information is limited to online sales data. The NPD is expected to have the results showing exactly how Swift Switch performed this season in December.

Did you expect the Switch library and games to sell well during this time? Did you pick up any of your own Nintendo products over the last week? Tell us below.

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