Thursday , August 18 2022

Neymar Brazil says that there is an argument behind Pele & # 39; makes me no sense after not making the top 10 in the Brazilian SPN survey


Paris Saint-Germ onwards Neymar believes that the argument is not necessary for the best Brazilian player since Pele has taken place.

The best Brazilian player Neymar was named after Pele in his country's monthly magazine, Placar, but he failed to appear among the top 10 in a recent survey conducted by ESPN Brazil.

"This business of the name of the best Brazilian player after Pele makes me any sense," said Neymar at DAZN.

"I'm not going to name [best] Brazilian player after-Pele. For me, all of them are important. They all made history, each playing in a different way and all of them were important at some point or time.

"There are always names that are always associated with football, such as Ronaldo, Romario, Ronaldinho Gaucho, Kaka or Zico. We could continue to go, as Rivaldo also. All of them were important players so that & # 39; n We're hard to choose one. We also have Roberto Carlos, who was not even an attacker but he was a great story player. "

After 160,000 votes were displayed in the Brazilian SPN survey, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Romario included the top three, and then Zico, Rivaldo, Socrates and Kaka.

Neymar, who finished 11th, was the only player with more negative or positive votes as he failed to make top 10 which also included Falcao and Careca.

Neymar has won 18 titles in his career, including crowns and the allies in Brazil, Spain and France, as well as the Libertadores Cup with Santos and the FIFA World Cup Champions and Champions League with Barcelona. He's recovering from a metatarsal cut in his right foot in Brazil and expects to return to take action in March.

Brazilian international says he does not think of his legacy.

"I'll do my own history," said the star star Barcelona. "I'm still 27 and I've left a few years in my career. It's obvious that I've done great things but I want to do a lot more.

"But I can respect those who have already made a story for themselves. I'm respecting a player ever played for the Brazilian national team. They are all mirrors [examples to follow] To look at them, they are all idols and they all are important. "

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