Friday , August 19 2022

New Video Shows have dropped Blockchain Tutorial Blocks on Samsung Galaxy S10


Although Samsung has successfully released its Galaxy s10 line, there are many specifications in the community crypto for the features of small smartphone blocks and a built-in cryptoon wallet. The recently lost video provides new insights.

Samsung's admiralists are celebrating as the South Korean multi-national conglomera released the Galaxy S10 line of next gen phones. Meanwhile, blockade and crew enthusiasts are still confusing as the company did not say much about Blockchain's mobile phone features.

Everyone was expecting Samsung to integrate a crypto wallet to build in his new Galaxy S10. Instead, the mobile coupon had a private storage solution, which Samsung fans could use for mobile services based on blockchain.

The Company's press release reads: "Galaxy S10 has built with Samsung Knox protection degree, as well as hardware security hardware that is supported by hardware, n home you have private keys for mobile services that allow blockchain. "

In this way, unfortunately, the pictures that were leaked out of front that showed a native crypto wallet with the help of BTC and ETH built in Galaxy S10, are the most likely to be fake.

Just for reminder, on Tuesday, February 19, 2019, the SamMobile said Samsung was set to create a crypto wallet for cool storage on its Samsung Galaxy S10 phones. However, later the assumption was rejected.

As it was, the new video that has dropped, which turns around the internet, provides a long insight into what a cryptocurrency community can expect from the smartphone.

The article will be updated shortly.

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