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Neuralink WARNING: A computer has Elon Musk ‘mind-boggling 'for potential for abuse; | Science | News


SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk has announced that its Neuralink-machine machine interface is almost ready. Neuralink “direct cortical interface,” according to the billionaire cavalier Musk, could enable people to reach higher cognitive levels – and give mankind the ability to compete with the imminent Artificial Intelligence. But an expert has warned that Neuralink, and similar technology being built by US military, has “potential for abuse”.

Elon Musk has repeatedly warned about reality in the near future where AI robots could control one day.

The founder of SpaceX even described how he could become an “immortal dictator we could not escape from”.

However, his Neuralink project, which would see a needle-like device inserted into the subject skull, could be a similar threat.

Steven Woo, co-inventor of Rambus, believes that although Neuralink has the potential to do well, the risks are great.

He told “The human brain is elegant and complex.

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“We can compute hugely parallel and store incredible amounts of data, all at very low power.

“But the body is relatively slow in its ability to move data between the brain and the outside world.

“Neuralink offers the potential to move speed data at a velocity’, cut physical congestion associated with our eyes, our ears, our hands and our mouths. ”

But while the possibilities are “frightening”, there are some basic technology barriers outside Neuralink's goals that will need to be addressed to achieve this.

Steven Woo said: “Security will become an even more crucial issue.

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“Security will have to be designed from the start so people will know, with certainty, that their brains are only trusted to systems that they can trust, and that data sent to and from; The brain is also protected and trusted.

“Without saying that the poles, and the potential for abuse, are much higher as we transfer data to and from users' thoughts.”

Tim Kilbride, of the Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) told how the US military is also examining implantable “closed loop neurotechnology”.

He said: “DARPA has been and continues to be a leader in this technology.

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“Since the early 2000s we have demonstrated more sophisticated applications of neuroscience.

“The investments we've made to establish basic capabilities, and the technologies we've shown in practice, have prepared the way for companies like Neuralink and Kernel to consider working in this space.

“Our latest Neurotechnology program is called Nonsurgical Next-Generation (N3).

“We are trying to emulate some of the successes we have had with interfaces embedded, but using a new technology that does not require a surgical implant.” T

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