Sunday , August 14 2022

NASA scratches all women's space path for lack of good fitting suits


WASHINGTON – US space agency, NASA, canceled Monday, a historic space trail designed by two female astronauts, noting that there was not enough space space available that would be installed in the International Space Station t .

Christina Koch will now perform tasks in space on Friday with fellow American Nick Hague – instead of Anne McClain as originally intended.

If Koch and McClain had made their space trip together, it would have been the first ever by two female astronauts.

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So far, male or mixed male and female teams had only maintained a space path since the space station was assembled in 1998 – 214 space missions so far.

McClain worked outside the station last week – with Hague – when he realized that the "middle" upper half of his space suit fitted him better.

"As only one medium-sized torso can be prepared by Friday, 29 March, Koch will wear it," explained NASA.

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In fact, the space gadgets on board the ISS are services of several parts designed with each other so that they are best adapted to the body of each astronaut, Brandi Dean, spokesman for Johnson Space Center explained. in Houston, Texas where American astronauts have been located.

He said that there are two upper parts in each of the three space space spaces available in the ISS at the moment: medium, large and very large.

"We do our best to predict the size of space space each astronaut will need, based on the size of space space they wore in ground-based training, and in some cases astronauts train in many sizes. , "he told in explaining the problem that was hindering Friday's space path plans.

"However, the needs of rocking individuals can change when they are on orbit, in response to the changes that living in a micrographer can make in a body.

"In addition, the same training environment can not emulate performing completely with micro-brightness, and an individual may see that his metals affection is changing in space."

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