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NASA completes the Mars 2020 spacecraft – BGR


NASA's curiosity explorer, InSight lander, and Reconnaissance Orbiter all do amazing work on and around the Red Planet, but that's not stopping scientists from proceeding with plans to send another piece of high-tech hardware to the surface of the planet. The Mars 2020 mission will send another roamer to Mars, and with just over a year after the journey starts, there is a time of squeeze.

In a new blog post, the NASA Jet Drive Lab results in the completion of very important hardware. The Mars 2020 spacecraft, which will carry the roamer during its seven-month journey from Earth to its destination, is almost ready to be addressed, but there is some work to & # 39 still to be done before a launch date can be confirmed.

There is much going on in this image, which was taken in the NASA Jet Drive Laboratory Simulator Space Facility, but JPL was kind enough to provide a summary:

From the top down, and to stop it from cables, is the complete cruise platform, which will give power and lead a Mars 2020 spacecraft on its seven-month journey to the t Red Planet. Immediately below is the aeroshell (white back shell and rare black white shield), which will protect the vehicle during cruises as well as during its fiery trace to the atmosphere of the planet. It is not visible (because it has been cocked inside the aeroshell) is the descending platform complete by the rocket and the surrogate stalker (stance on for the real roamer, which is assembled in JPL High Bay cleaning room 1).

Mars 2020's mission will be NASA's ambitious Mars mission again, and the roamer itself is full of instruments and equipment that have never been sent to the Red Planet of the front. One of the most important is its new sample collection equipment that will collect surface material and eventually introduce those samples to vehicles flying back to Earth where scientists can study them. 39 in more detail.

2020 2020 currently has a projected launch date for Summer 2020, and things are being prepared nice for NASA to elaborate that window. After leaving the Earth, the spacecraft will spend seven months in space before arriving in Mars in February 2021.

Image Source: NASA / JPL-Caltech

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