Saturday , March 6 2021

Nando and Chicken Chicken have left political television advertisements

Chicken Licken, Nando & Ch


  • Fast food chains Cicken Cicken and Nando have advertised free television with political messages.
  • Nando highlights South African predictions, while Licken Chicken gives a new rotation to colonization.
  • We were totally sharing when it came to choosing a favorite.

Nando's fast food chains and Chicken Licken have released new TV ads that will make you see South Africa in a different way.

Nando ads are fun on stereotypes and prejudices among South Africans. People are characteristic of being stereotyped – but then show that they, too, have a prejudice. Throughout the advertisement, the shame will begin their phrases with the phrase "You people".

"A phrase that goes hand in hand with unconscious prejudice," said Doug Place, Nando's marketing manager.

"We are all guilty of this, something more than others," he said

Meanwhile, a new Chicken advertisement says Big John's story & # 39; who leaves South Africa in 1650 on an adventurous bid.

He travels all over the world, encountering all kinds of challenges, including large sharks and lids.

Chicken Licken, Nando & Ch


Eventually, in 1651, he arrives at a port in the Netherlands, and many surprised that the local people decided to settle in the country.

Chicken Licken, Nando & Ch


Which one is better?

Both advertisements are funny and stimulating.

Licken chicken ad is giving a catastrophic incentive on coloniality, while Nando forces you to explore your own prejudice.

Cicken Cicken and Nando have, over the years, been careful to steal the South African slaughter – but they have always been able to stimulate a talk and force South Africa to think out of & # 39 ; r box.

For us, both advertisements have done that precisely, making it difficult for us to choose a favorite. Indeed, our office was divided down the middle.

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