Wednesday , May 25 2022

MTN to reach a large 4G milestone before Vodacom


MTN, South Africa, Godfrey Motsa, announced that the mobile operator will reach 90% of the 4G population by the end of the year.

Speaking at a media briefing session in Johannesburg, Motsa said that when MTN reaches this coverage figure by the end of 2018, more than 50 million South Africa will be included by its 4G network.

He added that the MTN is the first in South Africa to reach this 4G milestone and 4G MTN network acceleration in South Africa is unprecedented – and it has been much faster than previous technologies.

At the end of 2015, MTN mobile network had 4G network coverage to 5 million South African.

"The finders will tell you that we are delivering only 4G in rich areas, but that's not really about MTN," said Motsa.

He said that many MTN rural sites show its commitment to provide coverage throughout the country and not only in large meters.

Fiber network

Motsa emphasized the importance of good fiberbone to provide a broad broadcast in South Africa.

"For us, we just do not give up the radio access network, we also need a strong fiber network," he said. MTN South Africa has more than 18,000 kilometers of fiber infrastructure in South Africa.

"The fiber network we have today in the country is the biggest after Telkom," said Motsa.

He said that the MTN fiber network is very important to continuous growth, and the operator sees it as one that supports its radio network.

Infrastructure sharing

Motsa also talked about a new MTN fund deal with Cell C, saying that it was about sharing infrastructure in the industry – allowing Cell C to improve and really around 4G of population while also benefiting from MTN.

He noted that Cell C had improved its 4G population contribution of percentages in the 30s to above 80% in a very short period due to the roaming agreement with MTN.

"I want to emphasize the point that MTN is exposed to sharing in commercial arrangements," said Motsa.

MTN said that its competition with other mobile operators to reach 100% of the population is a great driver for better customer experience.

"There is a huge battle between us and other mobile operators to reach 100% 4G coverage in South Africa," said Motsa.

He added, if WOAN government plan being implemented without considering infrastructure competition, mobile data prices could suffer.

"The idea of ​​opening our wholesale network at cost will dislike it from improving our infrastructure," said Motsa.

"We believe that if you undermine the infrastructure competition, you will hurt prices. The hybrid model meets the government's objectives and industry objectives."

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