Thursday , August 11 2022

MTN is launching a recharge time through WhatsApp


MTN South Africa has launched a new service on WhatsApp which allows customers to check their balances, add to their time in the air and buy data bundles without having to leave the Facebook messaging app.

MTN said it made sense to offer these services in the messaging app. He claimed that the development was global for a mobile telecommunications operator. The answer was developed by Clickatell.

After calling it MTN Chat, the service will not be confused with a planned WeNhat and WhatsApp competitor designed by MTN Group, which was announced earlier this month by CEO Rob Shuter and is expected to be launched in beta testing version. The company intends to integrate MTN Chat into this messaging platform.

“WhatsApp is one of the most popular services in the country. More than 28 million people in South Africa use WhatsApp, with more than 15 million of those on our network, ”said Mapula Bodibe, executive unit of consumer business unit in MTN South Africa, at the launch of MTN Talk in Johannesburg. Tuesday.

“We know that customers use WhatsApp every day. We need to be where they are; so a MTN Talk was introduced, ”said Bodibe.

Customers can register by adding 0831230011 to their contacts and the messaging number in WhatsApp.

Gareth Murphy, head of online retail channels at MTN South Africa, said the company had launched the WhatsApp service as a "very dear product" and will offer additional products and services in time.

Payment options

For now, customers can check balances and recharge with time bundles or data. Users can upload their credit card details – and this will be extended to other payment options, including mobile, in the future.

“We've gone thin with these limited use cases because customers will help to inform the evolution of this service,” said Murphy. “Through customer feedback… we will evolve the service to meet the needs of customers when and where they need it.

“We will evolve this service, with more things to come. This is not the only thing we are working on and we have some very exciting things that we are not able to mention at the moment. ”

MTN also plans to bring the service to other platforms, possibly including Facebook Messenger. – © 2019 NewsCentral Media

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