Wednesday , January 27 2021

Mantashe wants to test after Bosasa security upgrade claims and offers to take journals to her homes

Gwede Mantashe, National Chairman of ANC, says he has written a letter that he intends to send to the query commission to hold the state, informing him of his intention to give evidence after he has been allegedly The controversial services company has paid hundreds of thousands of bonuses to upgrade security in Bosasa. his homes.

Bosasa, now known as African Global Operations (AGO), has faced a barrage of allegations and evidence that it has bribed senior ANC politicians and civil servants to score successful government tenders. His former chief executive officer Angelo Agrizzi, who was central to alleged bribery for more than a decade spent nine days detailing how Bosasa would influence politicians.

And on Thursday, the investigation heard how the company spent a R300 000 rand on security maintenance and upgrade in three Mantashe properties – one in Johannesburg, and two in East Cape.

Richard de Roux, a former Bosasa employee, who revealed the details of work done to the Mantashe property and some other ANC officers who were not aware of any of the beneficiaries paid from their own pockets on for the work carried out.

This is not the first time Mantashe has to fight these claims. In November last year, Mantashe refused to stop Bosasa installing CCTV cameras and an electric fence in her property. This after Bosasa's executive, Papa Leshabane – during an eNCA interview – probably confirmed that Mantashe had personally called him to have the installations made in his homes.

However, only a few hours later Leshabane changed his melody, saying he "never interacted with Mr Mantashe directly" but rather with "security details".

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Speaking on the side of Saturday's active visit, Mantashe said he had to "explain the matter".

He released his comments in a series of three tweets.

Although he did not deny that he had done work in his homes, Mantashe said that the matter had "opened a ride for many people in my personal attacks from different angles".

Mantashe added that he would take journalists to his / her homes to see the settings made in each location, "so they can report correctly".

He said he would send his letter to the commission but he did not say by when.

Mantashe appeared before the commission in November last year to address why the ANC said several of the country's largest banks to Luthuli House to discuss the closure of Gupta family bank accounts.

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