Tuesday , August 9 2022

Manchester United joins Luis Suarez agent, Will it happen?


Unified Manchester has contacted the frontier of Barcelona, ​​Luis Suarez, according to a shock report from Spain.

Suarez has been criticized for his performances this season but has been able to score 15 goals in the alliance in 23 appearances.

A media circulating report claims that United is hunting for 32-year-old shock signs this summer in suspicions for the long-term future of Romelu Lukaku. The report further replied that the attacker was also being asked of china while in Europe that the club is believed to be behind in the Red balls.

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Red Devils has even contacted the Uruguay Star agent with a huge contract on the board to try to tempt the old Liverpool hero to move to Old Trafford. However, the assault's will is to stay in Barcelona as long as possible, the reports add. However, it is unclear whether Suarez is very happy at the Nou Camp.

According to the United States, he proposed to offer Suarez a three year agreement and a leading role. This could imagine a former Liverpool frontier, as many feel that his time in Barca ends. Spanish reports have also alleged that Blaugrana looks at the possibility of re-letting, although his chemistry with Lionel Messi on and off the field could be difficult for another player to repeat it.

Suarez has been one of the best strikers in the world over the past decade, having won the European golden shoe twice since 2013-2014. He scored 82 goals in 133 games during his time in Anfield becoming a fan of a Merseyside fan. And then, since arriving in Liverpool in Spain, the number. 9 have scored 168 goals and helped 90 further strikes in 229 matches for La Liga champions.

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Will it be possible to deal?

Currently, Lukaku's premier Manchester United has no confidence in front of the goal and is not currently in an excellent form. Its form is now very different from what Mourinho attracted to sign up from Chelsea.

Suarez, in that sense, can be a good option given the statistics he received in his previous clubs as mentioned above. It contributes more than goals, taking players from its physical presence and also provides regular support. It creates a chance of opportunities with powerful shots and has notable technical abilities. Provided that Marcus Rashford is still very young and requires a senior player's guide to help him during his initial days to control his emotional and abusive emotions and balance between work restrictions and work Hard, advanced pro and Suarez signs would end to the stars of the future of Manchester United as a whole.

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