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Madeleine McCann's parent spokesperson reveals what she thinks has happened


The inside of McCann's family has revealed what happened to Madeleine, almost 12 years after her mysterious disappearance.

The family spokesperson, Clarence Mitchell, has shared his view as the audience of the new Netflix is ​​looking at the audience, looking at what can be argued to be the world's leading lost child.

The case remains unresolved as Kate and Gerry McCann continue to look for Maddie's daughter, who disappeared three years from her hotel room in the seaside town of Praia de Luz in Portugal in 2007.

Mr Mitchell told the Telegraph that he thought "child had to take to order from that room."

Conspiracy theories and accusations have revolved around the case, with much negative attention on Maddie's parents, who are under no doubt.

The McCann family spokesman Clarence Mitchell appears on 'This Morning'; on March 15

Mr Mitchell, a former BBC correspondent, was originally employed to help overwhelm Portuguese press officers, but was moved to continue helping the McCanns as he watched that they were overwhelmed.

The McCanns refused to take part in the Netflix series.

He has had mixed reviews – with some accusing the documentary makers and Netflix of feeding the true hype genre by recording threads of the case that have been worn but good. offering some new information.

But The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann, released two weeks ago, has meant that viewers talk about the key elements of the case that they re-emphasize.

Armchair detectives have been discussing seeing people seen suspiciously behaving around the hotel, to charges of fishermen's police, and the document's examination of the issue of smuggling children in Portugal.

He also dealt with how he started criticizing the McCanns early, and focused on raising their children, as the couple had their eating friends eaten in a tapas restaurant close to the hotel while their children in bed.

Clarence Mitchell has worked with McCann's family since Madeleine disappeared

The adults took turns to check their children regularly before realizing that Maddie had gone.

He has been amazed at Maddie's disappearance. Some viewers have hypothesised that the McCann family were stunned and Maddie got his drugs from a kidnapper in the hours before she was snatched from her bed.

That theory is focused on claims during the documentary. Maddie's two brothers or sisters did not wake up through the chaos of people coming in and out of the hotel room after finding their older sister missing.

Clarence Mitchell has said that he believes a small Maddie was taken to order

The documentary also noted how negative public opinion and media coverage was on McCanns' apparently neutral emotional response to the disappearance of their daughter during television appearances.

However, Mr Mitchell told the Telegraph that the police, as mentioned in the document, had warned them not to cry or show too much emotion.

"One of the reasons for their management so was that they were told very early about that, often in the case of pedophile kidnappings, the culprits are watching media coverage and enjoying seeing the distress of the children." they have to cause it. "

Kate and Gerry McCann still hope their daughter will live

In the interview, Mr Mitchell also seemed to refer to speculation in the series, and among the viewers' responses to the series, that child trafficking could explain Maddie's disappearance.

He said that the British authorities had reassured him that the disappearance of the little girl was a "rare case of abduction of strangers" and not a criminal offense of involving a family, adding a sexual motive, is a "noticeable" possibility.

He added that seeing many other missing children were found alive after many years had left the McCanns with hope that Maddie could be found alive again.

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