Thursday , August 18 2022

Loyiso Bala succeeded in giving a younger brother a birthday message


JOHANNESBURG – Local musician Loyiso Bala's special birthday message to his brother Pelo Bala has lost some feathers online.

Loyiso went to Twitter to wish Pelo a happy birthday at the age of 28 and he also took it upon himself to share the advice he had recently given to his brother.

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As I said to him, "I am not in a position to judge you but to love you and to point you to Christ at all times. Your relationship with him will define the purpose of your life," Loyiso wrote.

Pelo, who is in relation to the TV and the social media star, Moshe Ndiki, thanked his brother for the job, but social media has called Loyiso for being critical & # 39;

Loyiso has since responded to the trend and sent a reply from his brother.

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