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Logitech Re-Launches Mouse MX518 Legendary & # 39; with 16,000 IDP Ideas


Logitech introduced this new MX518 mouse this week, which includes its latest HERO sensor as well as a new SoC. The new mouse has planned to be better than a predecessor of 14 years ago in every possible aspect, but one of the things is still whole: its ambidextrous shape that many consider an ideal shape for a gaming mouse.

New Sensor in Famous Enclosure

The Logitech G MX518 is based on the company's 32-bit SoC ARM Cortex-M, which offers a USB 1ms voting rate. The company's HERO sensor, which is matched to provide up to 16,000 DPI solutions (up to 1600 DPI on the original one from 2005). The company also rated its rat for a speed up to 40 G as well as up to 400 highest IPS (inch per minute) speeds, which are in combination with today's qualified HPV. In terms of the pressure, the new MX518 weighs 102 grams.

Aiming it mainly to experienced gamers with fun of the old days, the new G-MX518 series has wired, it supports many features found on modern hooks , including eight programmable buttons (something also executed on the original one) and five memory profile on the board.

The same processor and detector is used for G603, G305 and G Pro Wireless gaming mice, so that we can say that the new Logitech G MX518 is based on a modern and experienced platform that has already been tested. In addition, the new MX518 adds a Logitech premium "Nightfall" finish to give the mouse a headache feeling.

Looking back

The year was 2005. A computer mice market was already quite variable, but the market for peripherals for gamers was still quite young. Logitech had introduced its MX premium series series of products several years before and the line was quite wide by the middle of the decade. The key selling points of the range of MX bricks (on the MX 1000 to be more detailed) were the ability to work on fancy surfaces such as glass (which required a laser sensor), an exact ergonomics (mainly designed for the claimants), and a much higher performance compared to mainstream mice from times was significantly lower than what was available from gamers focusing on gamers , such as those of Razer.

As it was quite clear to everyone in the industry that hardware for gamers became a multi-million dollar market, Logitech introduced his first premium G series eyebrows in 2005. Yet his best offer for gamers, the MX518, was Formally belong to the famous MX family and in terms of performance really facing the leading MX1000 model.

Because the MX518 was one of the first gaming mice of Logitech, its shape was quite minimalistic, but very comfortable to use, and many think it's perfect. In addition, MX518 has supported many features that are currently a high quality game mouse today, but they were quite innovative then.

Legend returns

The key reasons why Logitech decided to re-launch its MX518 with new interns are probably simplicity, ergonomics and costs. Given the fun and pedigree that comes with the name, the new MX518 has a good chance to become popular, and it makes sense to Logitech to take advantage of on that. The new MX518 G Logitech series is already available from the manufacturer for $ 59.99.

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