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Krugersdorp killings: Cecilia Steyn denies being a satanist

The alleged ringleader of a so-called satanic cult, who allegedly killed 11 people, told the South Gauteng High Court in Johannesburg that she was a devoted reborn Christian since 1996.

Dressed in a black jacket, white shirt and black pants, Cecilia Steyn, 37, denied being a vampire, a satanist who possesses supernatural powers and a forty-second generation witch.

Instead, she claimed she had been baptized three times.

Cecilia Steyn, 33-year-old Zak Valentine and 20-year-old Marcel Steyn are on trial.

Marinda Steyn, a former teacher and Marcel's mother, was previously sentenced to 11 life terms and 115 years in jail for her part in the murders. Her son – Le Roux Steyn – turned State witness and is currently serving an effective 25 years in prison. Le Roux and his mother were each sentenced separately in May.

Another man, John Barnard, was sentenced to an effective 20 years behind bars in 2016.

Spent time with goths

On Tuesday, Cecilia Steyn claimed that she spent a lot of time with goths in high school and this could have given people the impression that she was a satanist.

"Since high school, I have never been involved in satanic cults. I do not know why witnesses claim that I was a satanist. I can not read their minds. Basically, people around me wanted to have tattoos. ) got tattoos for different reasons. I did not promote them to get tattoos similar to mine. "

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Steyn claimed that she did not run a cult and said there were no satanic prayer meetings in her house. Instead, she said people would come to her house and they would sit in the kitchen discussing many things, such as fishing.

"I was not a ringleader of any enterprise. Ninety percent of our meetings, we would spend them in my bedroom."

She also told the court that Le Roux Steyn was a drug addict who used crystal meth and marijuana.

"I confronted him about his drug problem and asked him not to smoke in front of my son. I do not know why he would say I destroyed his life and why he hated me. He thought I favoured Marcel over him because I would give Marcel my car to drive – not him, "she said.

The witness denied killing any of the victims or assisting Valentine to fake his own death to claim from his life cover policy.

"I realized at a later stage that people who belonged to my group were killed," she said.

Fake insurance claim

Valentine allegedly faked his own death by fabricating a new identity and setting alight an unidentified man inside his vehicle near Petrus Steyn, in the Free State on December 16, 2015.

She said she knew Valentine since 1994 or 1995 when they met at church.

"I did Zak a favor by paying for his insurance policy which was in arrears. I freaked out when he disappeared, and I began phoning police stations and hospitals in the Free State. Zak had nominated me as one of his beneficiaries to his life cover .

"I did not ask him to make me a beneficiary. He had his own parents and a brother. He was not talking to his parents after he pierced his ears," she said.

She and Valentine once had a discussion about how his life policy would be distributed if he died.

She added that she had received R500 000 from Valentine. She claimed some money was commission due to her after she made appointments for Valentine's clients. She says a large amount of that money was paid to her psychologist.

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The case will continue on Wednesday.

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