Thursday , May 26 2022

Justin Bieber reveals he's "Amazing at Lot" in his Latest Instagram Post


Being renowned is hardship, but more and more people have been opening for their mental health and the different things that they have to overcome. Justin Bieber is a person who has been very open with supporters who reveals he's "having a big trouble" in his latest Instagram post.

Earlier this morning, Justin posted a picture of himself, his manager, Brake Scooter, and Kayne West all praying. In the chapter of that post, he reveals that he has really been going through a difficult period recently. He starts by saying he wants to update his fans.

Justin said in his post, "It's been very difficult. Just feeling strange and weird .. I always bounce back so I do not worry just want to come out and ask your men to pray for me. God is faithful and ur prayers work great. "

The post comes a few weeks after E! News have been reported Justin Bieber struggles with depression and receiving therapy and outpatient care every day. Last month at an interview in Vogue Justin also revealed that his parents had suffered depression and anger issues and at one time he even abused Xanax to try and deal with it.

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Since opening for her troubles this morning, Justin Bieber has been giving support from fans and other celebrities alike.

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Many people have been responding to Justin's job with prayers I & the singer and give him a lot of love. Her Instagram post liked over 3 million times and has over 66,000 comments at the moment.

Most fans express their love and offer prayers i star There are also responses from other celebrities such as Patrick Schwarzenegger, Sophia Grace, Madison Beer, Kyle Massey, Luis Fonsi, and Diplo.

Fancy has also shared their support for Justin on Twitter

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Justin shared his job today saying he hopes his battles and his story would sound with some of his supporters.

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