Monday , March 1 2021

INFORMATION: New Nila recreation is going to address the stereotypes of you;

Nowadays, Nando's popular jacket is almost known for its advertisements at the point and about her peri-peri chicken.

On Monday, he released his latest video of the "You People" and is already causing a huge excitement.

The ad contains a variety of magnificent scenes where South Africans are usually stereotyping each other based on their appearance, accents, customs and taste.

It even includes "black Adam Katzavelos"which seems to be unable to find the word" beach "correctly.

Nando said in a statement that "You people" is a phrase that is often used by South Africa when describing people who are different from them.

"So, in the announcement by M & C Saatchi Abel, Nando highlights the ways in which South African is usually stereotyping each other and the hypocrisy that is going to take that.

"This is a phrase that goes hand in hand with unconscious prejudice that is used in the car, as a bit and even in total conflicts – and a lot of African Dean is likely to have used & The phrase at one time or the other. We have all been guilty, somewhat more than others, of you-peopling people. That's what makes you all the same , Nonke!

"A year ago, we reminded South Africa that we can solve our success, and this chi-peopling is something we can all repair," said Doug Place, chief officer marketing Nando

"If you watch our advertisement and say I've done it (hopefully with a smile convicted), then we've been successful at starting an essential conversation – I hope that one ; n start with no "# ;.

Watch this ad.

Many people took Twitter to comment on the advertisement.

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