Sunday , August 14 2022

I won't take medication: Semenya after winning the Doha race


DOHA – Caster Semenya won the 800 meters at the Doha Diamond League meeting on Friday in her first race since she lost her appeal over a controversial sex ruling, claiming that "speaking acts were higher than words".

The two-year Olympic champion Semenya, 1min 54.98sec timed to defeat Francine Niyonsaba Burundi, who won 1min 57.75sec and Ajee Wilson from the United States at 1min 58.83sec.

Semenya's victory could be more than 800m before IAAF's new rules governing testosterone levels came into force on 8 May.

However, she asked if she intended to take hormone prevention treatment, she said: "Hell no. No way. T

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"I don't know what will happen next. But nobody should tell me what to do, if people want to stop me doing something that's a problem for them, not mine."

Having set a new meeting record, he told the BBC: "Actions speak out louder than words. When you are a great champion you always achieve."

"With me, the life has been simple. I'm here just to cater for the people who love them and support them."

"I enjoy every moment of my life perhaps because I have a love that I need from my people."

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After she won on Friday – in the same city where we hoped to appear in September's world championships – Semenya said she was fighting a bigger battle beyond the track.

"This is about inspiring the world. This is more than a game, more than sport. This is about human dignity, human pride. What you do if you are inspire the world.

"People are fighting me, I'm not fighting them. I live a life and I enjoy it."

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Aleck Skhosana, president of South African Athletics, said Semenya's performance had put her critics firmly in place.

"We are excited that Caster has done what he knows … despite all the challenges we are facing," Skhosana said.

"We urge her to continue to focus and do what we do best – that is running and conquered the world."

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