Saturday , November 28 2020

Here's a new exercise trend that has made everyone

Washington DC: An international research team has now found that bringing science of high density peripheral training (HIIT) into everyday life can be key to helping unsuitable people, people overweight get more of their practice They need to improve their health.

According to experts, when washing the car to climb stairs or transporting foods, each of these activities provides an opportunity for short short newsletters of High Event Physical Activity, HIIPA for a period short.

Speaking about it, said the author Emmanuel Stamatakis, regular regular activity that allows you to feed and beat, even for a few seconds, have pledged health.

In a study, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, Stamatakis and colleagues argue that when considering differences in physical abilities by age, sex and weight, many day-to-day tasks such as high intensity & # 39 physical activity can be distributed. ; That is, the kind of activity that helps you to boost your fitness.

According to them, including these types of activities into practice, a few times a day will see significant health benefits for most adults.

Professor Stamatakis added, "Many research tells us that any type of HIIT, regardless of the length and volume of repetitions, is one of the most effective ways to improve fitness and cardiovascular health quickly and HIIPA works on the same idea.

Authors propose that significant health benefits could be gained by making three to five short HIIPA sessions equivalent to five to 10 minutes a day, most days and weeks.

According to study authors, the time commitment for HIIPA is close to zero minutes a day, and people could save even more time if their HIIPA includes short walking sources, or taking the stairs instead of waiting at the lift Moreover, other practical benefits are no costs, no equipment need and no concerns about skills shortages or fitness.

"HIIPA's beauty and the idea of ​​using activities that we already do as part of everyday life is that it is much more realistic and achievable to most people," he added. the teacher

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