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He released a British tourist hero skipper who was caught in a catamaran from Pen Cape Town

The heroic efforts of the catamaran skipper of the sunshine cruising catamaran, which were collected in Table Bay, probably save the life of a British tourist who was seized in the gale, it came to an end on Tuesday.

The catamaran, who returned to the harbor, had captured on Monday night at the barrage entrance to Bay Bay Port.

PICS: Catamaran covers the outside of Cape Town harbor

National Marine Rescue Foundation spokesman Craig Lambinon said they had been able to launch two marine rescue crafts immediately after the call came in just before 19:00.

The rescue team found three local crew members and five British tourists, all wearing life jackets, at the clash of the boat.

Lambinon said he had come to the obvious then that a British girl had been lower than a deck when the accident happened.

"… it was seized in the gale where water rises as the cabin filled water, causing a rapidly reducing air pocket that had given some relief, "he said.

"What we understand, we believe that the catamaran skip has been released under the catamaran after it has been pressured and can be able to bring the mom out of & # 39; r deks below. "

The NSRI approved the skipper for his efforts.

Those on board were treated for light hypothermia. Lambinon said that one woman had broken her shoulder.

Quentin Botha, the NSRI Bay Board station commander, said the tourists were transported and shaken by the host, but in praise of everyone who helped them.

The catamaran was taken to Granger Bay and to ensure it. Lighting to the boat was secured to prevent sea shipping and traffic from conflicts with it.

Scene & accident (Supplied)

(Pics: After Delivery)

And it's essential that all our visitors are safe & # 39;

The South African Marine Security Authority (Samsa) will investigate what led to the boat.

Kevin Knight, who owns the catamaran, told News24 on Tuesday that he was waiting for the result of the investigation, and that their focus was currently getting the boat out of the water.

The boat operators did not pay attention and said they would release a statement later.

Scene & accident (Supplied)

Economic Opportunities MEC, Debbie Schafer, said he would follow.

"I would like to ask for a full report about the cause of the accident so that we are sure that all standard operating procedures and safety precautions have been made during the trip."

He said that boat tourism was a popular friend in Western Cape and therefore it was essential that the highest standards were followed.

"As we go to the busy tourism season, it is vital that all our visitors are safe. We are appealing to tour operators to ensure that all security measures are in place. reminders of visitors that it is a good idea to save crisis numbers on their phones, "he said.

Visitors can contact the department's tourism security and support program on 082 554 2010 or at [email protected]

Scene & accident (Supplied)


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