Tuesday , August 9 2022

Hales chooses 3 main threats to the English CWC bid


Cape Town – England batsman Alex Hales admit them
are favorites to win the Cricket World Cup later this year but says India, t
Pakistan and Australia will provide tough opposition.

Hales is preparing for a huge summer, with 50 years of England
a challenge is to deal with a favorite tag and raise the first
World Championship since World ICC 2010 T20.

England was just as favorable as going all the way in 2017
The Champions Trophy on his home but eventually bombed to Pakistan
the semi-finals.

“England is the favorites and that's based on what we are
has achieved in the last four years, which has been fantastic, "Hales said.

"That's why we are currently listed as the number one ODI team in the
world. In order not to miss a series in the last ODI series, it shows us
is the in-service team.

"But as we have seen in the last Champions Trophy, anything can happen when it comes to cricket.

"Hopefully, if we play good cricket in the World Cup, we'll get it."
through to the progressive steps and then it's about how we perform
under pressure in those games.

"Hopefully we have learned from our past experiences and can go all the way."

Hales drew attention to three English competitors as teams
hard to beat – although guests will benefit from home advantage
and friendly conditions.

"We all know that India is always a very strong team in terms of World Cup tournaments," added Hales.

"But with Pakistan, you never know what Pakistan is going to get."

"If they come up, on their day they are an amazing team, as we saw in the Champions Trophy, so nobody can control them.

"We also have Australia, which has won the recent series in India
show that they should not be removed, especially if they all have
their speedmen was available and with David Warner and Steve Smith back
their ranks.

"So I would say that England, India, Pakistan and Australia are the four main teams running to raise the World Cup."

The Cricket World Cup starts on May 30 with English forces going on South Africa in the opening game to play at the Oval.

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