Thursday , September 29 2022

Growing anti-resistant antibiotics in South Africa is a major concern


Doctors in South Africa are urged to keep tabs on the rising threat of resistant antibiotics in the country. This often reports antibiotic collision (ABR) around the world.

Research shows that about 60% of antibiotics prescribed for acute respiratory infection are inappropriate. This is by antimicrobial portfolio manager at Pharma Dynamics, Annemarie Blackmore.

One of the problems is that the clinical symptoms of bacterial viral infections are very similar. When you visit your doctor, they must make a clinical judgment about what is causing the case. The only way to know about is to take a sample and send it to the lab to prove it, but that could be very expensive.

– – Annemarie Blackmore, antimicrobial portfolio manager in Pharma Dynamics

I also believe that the big part of the problem is the public because we live a very fast life and we want to feel better almost immediately.

– – Annemarie Blackmore, antimicrobial portfolio manager in Pharma Dynamics

Blackmore says that it is important that patients are aware of and protect against these issues. She says that it is essential that we do not use antibiotics unless they are prescribed by a doctor and use them correctly without sharing them with family members.

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