Tuesday , December 1 2020

Goods of reasonable price by April

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Kuda Bwititi
Chief Reporter

The Government is developing the framework for the provision of basic goods at fair and affordable prices within the next two months.

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has already given his offerings to the program, we are expected to push consumers against incredible and punitive prices.

The anticipated program will start in rural areas before spreading into urban centers.

Mangaliso Ndlovu Minister for Industry and Commerce told The Sunday Mail last week that the Government is working on the best possible way of implementing the project.

"We put in place a framework whereby we can assist the public when accessing and providing basic goods at affordable prices. We want to make this initiative a very successful program, so we look at all angles and strategically the best way to make the program active. So work is underway and we will be able to give more details as the program becomes clearer, "said Minister Ndlovu .

According to the report, selected committees such as the Grain Markets Board (GMB) are told to work in public-private partnerships with businesses to create a sustainable platform for the supply and retail of goods.

It is understood that the Government will stimulate the commercial arm of GMB – which will be appropriately included – to guarantee the supply of products such as meals, rice and flour under the Silo brand.

The Government definitely expects the program to be abolished by April.

Ndlovu Minister said: "In terms of the timetable, it's still early to say, but we are trying to co-ordinate the core activities that we need to get involved with and the main players We need to work with them. I can say we might be doing in two months, but it could even be earlier than that, so I do not want to give a specific date. "

Following the successful introduction of a mass mass public transport system through Zupco (Zimbabwe Passenger Company United), which helped to buy rail transport tickets, the Government also intends to act as a pioneer in the market by managing brilliant prices by unscrupulous businesses .

"We are going to work with industry, but the program is giving them enough support so that the product is readily available and they reach the final consumer at affordable prices.

"Cabinet is worried about the issue of prices and inflation, that is why we are looking at other methods of protecting consumers and ensuring that they do not always have to suffer a shortage of price increases."

The new political administration has become increasingly business accommodation.

Last week, companies affected during violent displays from January 14 to January 16 began accessing the $ 30 million Business Crisis Relief Fund from the Government.

Through crisis relief, businesses receiving concessionary loans would help rebuild and restock.

"Cabinet approved the fund, known as the Business Emergency Relief Fund. Businesses who suffered losses in the violent incidents will receive loans at very low rates of 2 per cent to 4 per cent. Loans also cover & # 39; those who are not only eager to restock or rebuild their businesses, but also those who are trying to buy new equipment that could have been lost during that disturbance. "

When addressing the Meeting of the People Rally in Rutenga last weekend, Mnangagwa President stated that he had given the best of the basic goods program to be implemented.

"We are aware that some basic goods have risen recently and we want to make public-based interventions. We will shortly launch a program for providing basic goods at reasonable prices. The days of raising pricelessness will become a thing of the past once this program is in operation, "said the President.

Over recent months, basic goods prices have been shot, and in most cases inflation adjustments have not been considered to be unjust.

Last week, Professor Mthuli Ncube, the Minister for Finance and Economic Development, announced a war on inflation, saying that the Government intends to bring it to one-digit levels by the end of the year.

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