Thursday , September 29 2022

GeForce has 416.81 drivers driving troops for Battlefield V


The October 10th Windows Update is still a huge piece in the Nvidia RTX software, but you have to go to war with the army that you have, and Battlefield V reaches the general public on November 20. Access Origin Senior Subscribers will be able to take the field starting tomorrow, however, and that does mean it's for a driver GeForce fresh. Version 416.81 GeForce games ready for Battlefield V, although the statement does not make any notes as to when GeForce RTX owners should expect to be able to remove their cards' RT & # 39; up.

Battlefield V

Beyond Battlefield V, the 416.81 release adds support for player-player title against the environment Hela: Indicator, a South theme shooter with excessive throat. This title is now in Steam Early Access, and Nvidia supports this driver update and GeForce Experience Highlights. If you are killed or killed, Highlights will collect those seconds automatically so that you can share them with the world .

Hela: Showdown

Nvidia has been doing some hunting and killing himself for this statement in the form of a long list of bugs that have been solved. Microsoft Edge users with Application Protection should be able to browse the web in conjunction with Nvidia Surround. Removing a high power of high monitoring with Turing cards should be interesting. No blue screening windows should be left when a user leaves a game on the RTX 2080 Ti system with G-Sync monitors and non-Sync monitors that have been connected. Commenting on RTX 2080 Ti, his users should not see more owls when playing back the HEVC video.

Other minor issues had also been stomach down. GeForce GTX 1060 and GTX 970 cards associated with receivers should not switch from multi-channel to stereo sound now after only 5 seconds without audio output. The recording and streaming of NVENC applications in TV SLI Titan X should now work, too. Both ARK: Survival Evolved a Shadow of the Tomb Raider It should be a bit more stable, and flash in Witcher 3 a Cri Pell 5 it should no longer happen. Finally, graphic corruption is World Hunter Monster when Renderu Volume should be away.

However, there is a small leaflet of open problems. Those who are lucky to own two RTX 2080 or RTX 2080 Ti cards in SLI could see their "single GPU response slowdown after enabling / disabling SLI, which requires the system resumes "(sic). The combination of Ti GTX 1080 and motherboard with a PLX chip can lead to bleach breaker errors. Field 1 Players may find that their displays are pink when changing their monitor rate of 144 Hz to 120 Hz with HDR software. Mouse cursors in Firefox may be corrupted briefly while surviving some contacts. Finally, G-Sync may not close after closing some games, and the unfortunate owners of the GTX 780 cards could experience laggy workboards.

Whew, that's a lot of land to cover. If you need some more details, you can look at the driver's release notes here. Otherwise, just go to the download page of Nvidia drivers and capture, or use GeForce Experience if you have installed.

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