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Game of Tons of Term 8 Theory Tells Daenerys Targaryen Will Be A Tailor t

The Daenerys Targaryen path towards his seat as the legal queen of Westeros has been piled with a lot of fucking. Most recently, on the occasion of Season Seven's second, Dany burnt two prisoners of war alive – and the last of a large house – because they refused to bend the knee to her. This naturally reminded the remote memory of her father, the Mad King Aerys II Targaryen, who was known for burning anyone who disagreed with him alive.

Although she has often been placed as the righteous, moral leader, some of Danys' actions prove otherwise. And this is an important thing to notice about Dany in the context Game Thrones generally. Very few characters, if any. Even our heroes make mistakes, some of the most beloved characters on this show began as murderers or worse.

And, a new one Game Thrones A theory on Reddit explains how that forecast must expand to the last season of this show too.

The series and series of books aim to portray the location of fantasy in realistic terms, clearly showing the aspects of medieval life, the cruelty of warfare, and the gray morality of its characters. That is why I do not think that the King of Night (a supernatural entity with no characteristic) or Cersei (a bad despot funny) will be in the great fathers. The two characters are too easy to root, and a clear conflict between good and bad does not appear in accordance with what we saw from the first seven seasons.

Love him or hate him, this is the biggest situation Game Thrones take for good and bad. It's not always clear, and it's not always as easy as we are used to fantasy stories. Since then Game Thrones have proved that fans repeatedly during this series, that they should be prepared to Dany be the ultimate test that there is a fine line between good and bad.

Daenerys Targaryen will end as the great evil, because it would be an interesting and dangerous villain. She is extremely powerful, possesses the largest army as well as dragons. She's sympathetic, has been abused and her hunting for her whole life, punished for her family's sins, but still still generous to those closest to it. And she has great moral arguments, trying to abolish slavery, bringing the chaos to an end in Westeros, stopping the Dothraki and the Ironborn from raiding and raping, and becoming a queen in a world that has t dominated by men.

Even if you look at some of Dany's best contributions to the world, they were all made for his own personal benefit. Nothing Dany has made it an altruistic act. Dany released the unscrupulous to get an army, released the slaves at Meereen so that he could take the city – two of his biggest operators have been seeking power, and not about making the world a substitute better.

Daenerys is undoubtedly a hero, but from an ethical perspective, she is completely bankrupt. At the end of the day, it will not change the political situation in Westeros (Jon: "You're just more of the same thing."), Since its rule would not be one of laws, but one of & # 39 to personal himself. discretion. Time and again, she has shown that the only crime that she punishes is dissatisfaction. She uses cruel methods to force her global appearance, and she has a messy complexity about her own actions, such as when she is horrified that the witch is not grateful to her for stopping her Dothraki from his fourth rape. She wants to abolish slavery, yet she commands an army of slaves, and her closest ally was expelled for slavery. When Daario is murdering his allies and betraying his clients, she accepts her companionship because he captures him. He doesn't want to be blamed for her father's crimes, but she insists that loyalty to her family is recognized. She burns prisoners alive for refusing to fight alongside foreign invaders against their compatriots.

Yet, despite her abuse, Dany still believes that she isn't just the right manager at Westeros, but the best person for the job. Even when she burns prisoners of war alive, she believes she is doing the right thing. And such power and self-intimidation can make a leader quite dangerous. Consider, for example, Cersei propaganda against Dany, when he describes the Mother of the Dragons as someone who has already paid war across another continent, leaving a path of bodies. It's not wrong – it's just a perspective. So when, and if, Dany is "breaking the wheel" and sitting on the Iron Throne, would she be different from Cersei or the Mad King, herself?

The "Wheel" to which Daenerys refers does not arise solely from the moral failures of the Westerosi leaders; it derives from a political system where power is ultimately vested in individuals, and not the law. Daenerys is a bit more of the same, believing that her way is the only way, refusing to compromise and killing disputes, she only has dragons and a moral flag for an army rally behind her. . But the way to hell has to be well-intentioned, and the power will eventually bribe Daenerys. Its setting up as the last villain would be too much of a move, and fit, ending to the show, rather than having the couple power up to kill the zombie army and the comic villain.

Considering everything we have watched develop over a period of seven seasons, this is a possibility Game Thrones prepare for supporters. It is just as likely as the destruction of the King of Night and the humanity being destroyed.

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