Thursday , May 26 2022

Forex Weekly Forecast | DailyForex



The dollar fell to Australia during most weeks but showed stability and durability at 0.70 again, so it seems that if we had more, the same thing goes on: proclivity on for the market to find buyers at that level. It seems that longer-term traders build up here, so I'd like to buy on the dips as they happen just as I have for some time. He gave that this was a bit deeper this week's correction, but on the monthly charts the area just below 0.70 is huge.



The Euro was collapsed by astonished comments from the conference to the ECB press but at the end of the week, we had seen the cluster in 1.1 to hold. At this point, it's likely that it will continue to find buyers but it will not be easy to trade. Although we are having some fear of the disadvantage, it's likely to be stabilizing that it's likely to be a theme here, and consistent actions back and forth over the next week.



The British pound fell during the week, having rejected the big resistance above. You'll find it on the chart. I have a few areas that I've been watching them, but at the end of the day the most important thing to pay attention is that we have broken a downtrend line and find it supportive. This recovery should end up a nice shopping opportunity, and as I write this, we are currently a boost around the level 1.30. This is an area that I believe will continue to attract a lot of purchases.



New Zealand dollar fell during the week but it has seen the buyers return in. It looks as if the level 0.79 continues to offer an objection above, but we are building pressure to the surface in a few ascending triangles. The next week should be relatively positive for the New Zealand dollar, and it will be even more so if we get good news from China / US trade relations.


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