Thursday , August 11 2022

FlySafair was forced to fly to make an emergency shuttle at Cape Town Airport


There was a drama in the air above Cape Town on Thursday, as Fly102 FlySafair Fly had found a small technical issue soon after it was eliminated. Thank you, no injuries or deaths have reported.

FlySafair has told us that a "system" error about the plane pressures has been communicated to the pilot plans soon after they come in the air. This meant that they were not allowed to land in OR Tambo, and they had to touch in Cape Town instead.

This special model does not have the ability to drop fuel, and he did not have another way to lighten the load. The only choice for them was to keep fly, burn the excessive weight, and return to Cape Town International Airport. According to the airline, this is a safer way to meet the parameters of landing pressure or create a load of fuel.

FlySafair crisis clearance in Cape Town: latest news

The pilots, crew and passengers rotated in a flying pattern above Robben Island for most two hours, before it was safe for them to come to land again. Following away immediately after 17:30, the plane was back on the tarmac at 19:24. The airline has issued the following statement to explain what went away:

"After off the flight crew accepted a suggestion that there could be a technical issue with one of the aircraft systems. As a precaution measure the crew decided to return to Cape Town to investigate further on the ground. "

"Unfortunately the aircraft was more than the maximum permitted maximum landing pressures for Boeing 737-400, so the crew was forced to hold a holding pattern above Robin Island to burn too much fuel to be light enough to land & Safe. Boeing 737-400 can not dispose of aircraft. "

"Cape Town International Airport Air Traffic Management was notified naturally to the situation and ready support vehicles to meet the plane on landing. The plane safely ranged for 19:24 places is is met by ACSA's support vehicles. "

FlySafair Statement

FA102 Flight Ads

All passengers on board have been escorted to another flight. Unfortunately, this event has affected some FlySafair passengers: Flight FA103 from Johannesburg back to Cape Town will now leave later than scheduling at 23:50, before landing at 02:05 on Friday morning.

After survival, travelers took Twitter to share their experiences, with some contributors fully praising the way in which the air crew dealt with the rocky situation:

What happened to FlySafair fly?

Meanwhile, one of the sources of Cape Town International Airport offered us a brief statement about the extinguishment, explaining why planes are usually heavier when taking rather than landing.

"You can not overweight you can eliminate much heavier than you can land because you burn through the fuel, making the load lighter. In this situation, they had to fly for an hour and a half before touching. "

We have also managed to access the route that took the trip to guarantee the safe landing of the exit area. As you can see, the FA102 leaves and flies over Bay Bay before rotating on the Robben Island. After setting up the pattern of payment, he was able to return to the airport:

FlySafair crisis landing town
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