Wednesday , January 27 2021

Five advantages of being an early laughter | Technology


A large-scale genetics study recently conducted by Exeter University revealed that people who are "early birds" have higher levels of happiness and are at lower risk of depression compared to those that are "worms" us ". The authors mentioned that this was because the "nail" body clock conflicts with school work patterns and timetables, and this could have negative consequences.


Early performers are also academically better performers, according to the Texas University study. The study asked whether the students were "morning" or "evenings" people and showed that people "morning" averaged a grade point (GPA) above night types. The researcher's explanation was simple: early birds reach their classes in time and drink less.

Reduce the risk of breast cancer

In a 2018 study by the University of Bristol, researchers looked at 341 pieces of DNA that controlled a person who was owls of birds or at an early age and showed that someone in the morning reduced the likelihood of developing breast cancer.


Post-class women who practice in the morning report a better night sleep. A report from scientists from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle found that participants who practiced for 45 minutes in the morning five days a week reported 70% better than sleep than before the study. Researchers speculate that early morning exercise does not interfere with the body clock.


A study of 346 young people in Germany found that early birds scored higher for perseverance and co-operation, while a further study by the Heidelberg University of Education found that 1,231 participants were more conscientious. Another study says they had fallen less.

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