Tuesday , January 26 2021

Energizer sets up to launch 26 smartphones in MWC 2019

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It's astonishing when hip-hop artists suddenly become small business investors, or when car manufacturers make phones and fridges right?

Well, it is also quite strange to hear that Energizer, who is best known as a battery company, is planning to launch 26 new smartphones in MWC 2019.

Ok, so these devices may not be made my Energizer per se, but instead of a French company Avenir Telecom who has made the devices and the company in front of them.

According to GSMArena, the company intends to share these 26 devices into four different product lines, each with their own strengths.

The Power Max line, for example, intends to phone a phone with a battery capacity as large as 18000mAh. Yes, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 can be nearly five times.

It would make it most connected to any smart phone.

In addition, other design possibilities include thin bezels, smartphone, and devices that include pop-up cameras.

To bring the total to 26, feature phones and rough devices around the cast.

Everything will be revealed in MWC 2019, which starts on February 25.

Feature image: Mike Mozart through Flickr (CC WILL BEFORE 2.0)

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