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Employ West Rand Urban Employee Allowances Immediately – Refiloe Nt`sekhe – POLITICS


DA spokesman says that this is not the first time for employees to show that they are dissatisfied with the failed borough

DA calls for West Rand District Civic employees' allowances to pay immediately

14 November 2018

Today, a group of workers riding to the David Makhura Office to highlight their dissatisfaction about their unpaid allowances from the ANC government failed.

Employee salaries were paid, but other benefits were not paid such as housing allowances, pension funds and medical aids.

The Democratic Alliance has been warning for a little now, that this borough will have to introduce an unfinished budget because they have invested R81 million with VBS Mutual Bank

This is not the first time for employees to show their dissatisfaction with the missing ANC borough.

At the end of October, council workers held sitting in chambers and councils for not paying payrolls.

This is unacceptable as this situation has been happening for a long time now.

If Premier was serious about finding a Western West holiday solution, he would have put in place contingency plans to prevent this happening again.

In denouncing employees' complaints, the DA will present a Member statement in the Gauteng State Legislature to own the First Minister to account for this situation.

A shame is shameful that the ANC fails to pay employees salaries in time. The missing ANC is at risk of the livelihood of many bread winners.

Solution to this situation must be found instantly as closure means residents are suffering from the failure of the ANC.

West Rand residents have suffered too much because of the mismanagement and financial negligence of the ANC failing.

Premier Makhura should consider installing this borough under an administration as it is clear that it can not fulfill its local government mandate.

The DA also calls for a commitment from the Premier when the remaining part of the salaries is paid, how this will be done and when the funding comes.

We will continue to put pressure on the Premier to ensure that employees pay their full wages.

The change will come to Gauteng under the guidance of the UK Government. This can happen in 2019.

Published by Refiloe Nt & # 39; sekhe, DA One Gauteng Team Speaker on Primary Services, 14 November 2018

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