Thursday , August 18 2022

Election ballot paper is designed to reduce the risks of misleading votes; – IEC


The SA Electoral Commission (IEC) says that the ballot paper design for the elections in May 8 has been created to "enable the party of choice to be easily identified by the voter and to reduce the risks of misleading votes".

"Traditionally, the electoral commission has used a random drawing to decide the first party on the ballot paper with all the parties and then follow them in alphabetical order," he said; r the IEC in a statement.

This year, however, the IEC joined the services of the Human Sciences Research Council to research key aspects of the usefulness of the ballot paper to bring forward improvements to the design.

Among the research council's findings was that "there may be confusion among voters as a result of some party identifiers using colors, abbreviations and similar logos. A specific recommendation was that parties should be able to cause confusion to the voter being separated on the ballot paper ". t

The parties noted were very similar in their instruments and logos were the African Independent Congress (AIC), the African National Congress (ANC) and the African People's Convention (NPA).

A random prize draw was made to determine the position of these parties on the ballot paper.

During the photograph, the HIW drew the highest number and maintained its alphabetical position on the ballot paper between the African Democratic Changes and African Renaissance Unity parties.

The African Security Congress (ASC) will appear first on the ballot paper and the NPA will appear last under the parties starting with the letter "A".

According to the IEC, the certified voter register gives the number of eligible voters for 26.75m – an increase of 1.3m in the number of people registering to vote in 2014.

Eighty-eight political parties are expected to compete in the national elections on May 8.

This is 19 more than the number of parties that fought against the 2014 general elections.

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