Sunday , May 29 2022

Ebola spreads to the Congolese city of 1.2 million frightening fears


Tits disease also spreads to rural areas around the city that help workers who can not access because they are too dangerous. As a result, programs can not be so easy to implement local people's methods to slow down the spread of the disease – a strategy that has been effective in the past -.

Hostility towards government health assistants and officials is also more prominent in Butembo than elsewhere. Many northern Kivu are skeptical of Jose Kabila, president of the Congo, and many believe that the government has not done a lot to protect civilians from local armed groups and can even be complicated.

The suspicion has extended to foreign support workers, due to the perception that the international community places more emphasis on tackling Ebola – seen as a relatively small slaughter – in disregarding massacres who have spent villages and disappearing families.

Organizations like the UN Children's Fund (Unicef) have succeeded in convincing people to trust health workers elsewhere, using local radio stations and youth leaders and, most effectively, those who have recovered from Ebola, to win people over.

"We as Unicef ​​work with Ebola survivors who can express 1,000,000 jobs better than we can how efficiently Ebola treatment centers can be," said Yves Willemot, Unicef's main communications in Congo.

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