Wednesday , January 20 2021

E-Sigaréts Increases Smoking in Teens – NewsNet

According to the FDA, the use of teenage electronic cigarettes has risen by almost 80 percent in the last year.

Now, a new study looks to answer the question: is e-cigarettes & # 39; Increases discomforts for teenagers start smoking?

The study looked at more than 6,000 teenagers aged 12 to 12.

They explored the use of traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes and other tobacco products over time.

Researchers learned that e-cigarettes were the best option for most young people choosing to smoke.

They also found that teenagers who started smoking with e-cigarettes were more likely to continue to smoke, but also to move on to traditional cigarettes, or those who never used tobacco products.

This trend was particularly true for young people who are considered low risk & # 39; They never become traditional smokers of cigarettes

Doctors say that there may be the greatest risk of e-cigarettes, that many people, even adults, do not realize is that they contain nicotine.

It is recommended that all parents, teachers and pediatricians have an open and honest conversation with teenagers about e-cigarettes.

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