Wednesday , November 25 2020

Duarte ANC says that a rape complaint has set against a high-profile member

ANC deputy secretary, Jessie Duarte, says a rape complaint has sent to the office of the general secretary against a senior member.

Duarte was briefing the Saturday night media on the actions of the party to unite the provincial leadership of North West.

During a round of questions, Duarte confirmed that a letter had sent to ANC's general secretary's office claiming a rape event against a senior post in the presidency at Luthuli House.

"The advice we have given to the complainant is that she needs to go to the criminal justice system with her complaint," said Duarte.

"It's very different when there is a problem between staff and membership. This is something that happened in our understanding in a private party, of course, that's the claim," he stressed.

Therefore the ANC can not prove the facts further, with Duarte saying: "That is the work of the criminal justice system".

Duarte said that the member – who is also a member of NEC – had been asked about the issue, but she would stick to the party line on the matter.

"This is a matter that has happened in a private, similar location and allegedly, and the woman in question needs to take this issue to the criminal justice system."

No further details were available.

The newsman, known for News24, could not be reached after a lot of attempts on Saturday night, as the phone immediately went to the messages.

News24 will update the article once the person has the opportunity to answer the right.

A spokesman for the party, Dakota Legoete, said that Duarte's comments reflected the party's position on the issue.

ANC national spokesperson, Pule Mabe, did not appear to be aware of the issue when News24 contacted, before the line fell unexpectedly.

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