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'Disgraceful and low'; – a crash to Ashwin over Mankad runs out


The dismissal rarely used is within the game laws but critics say it is unacceptable and not in the spirit of the traditional traditional sport.

King XI's captain, Punjab, Ravichandran Ashwin, who was entering a bowl in the Indian Premiership, left his run as Rajasthan Royals bathed Jos Buttler his goal, and whipped his bail, in a redundancy called & # 39 Mankad. Photo: Twitter / IPL

NEW DELHI – Spin's legend, Shane Warne, led a criticism of Ravichandran Ashwin India on Tuesday after a controversial run that paid attention to redundancy 'Mankad'; cricket un lovers.

Warne was among a number of leading figures to the fault of Kings XI captain Punjab, who entered a bowl in the Indian Premier League, checking his run as Rajasthan Royals bat dropped Jos Buttler, and peeled his bail.

The dismissal rarely used is within the game laws but critics say it is unacceptable and not in the spirit of the traditional traditional sport.

WATCH: Ashwin Mankads Buttler

Warne, a member of the MCC World Cricket Committee, called for the Indian cricket board, the BCCI, to take action against Ashwin, who was unreasonable about the event after Punjab's victory.

"As the captain of your side you set the standard … Why is an act so scandalous and low like that tonight?" tweeted the Australia.

"You must live with yourself and FYI – it's too late to say it's sorry Mr Ashwin. You'll be remembered for that low act."

English captain Eoin Morgan tweeted them, "I can't believe what I see !!" as comments about the event flooded social media.

"A terrible example for young children to come through. In time I think Ashwin will repent," has posted Morgan, adding that he is "so disappointed (Ashwin) as a captain and as a person".

Buttler, who had scored 69 off 43 deliveries in Jaipur, had swapped words with his Indian spinner before turning out sincerely.

"No real argument," Ashwin told reporters later. "I wasn't even loading and he left the crease. He's always been excited because it's my half."

This is not the Mankad & # 39; first for Buttler England, which was eventually stopped by Sri Lanka Sachithra Senanayake in a one-day game in 2014.

The dismissal is named after India's Vinoo Mankad, who ran Bill Brown in the bowler twice during India's tour in Australia in 1947.

Replacements of Monday's game suggested that Buttler was still in his shadow at the moment that Ashwin would be expected to release the ball, and so should not have been put out.

Fraser Stewart, the MCC's laws manager who managed cricket rules, said he would take a crowded movie of earlier deliveries to note when Ashwin would usually have released the ball.

"No matter what Ashwin did, it was the adjudicator's decision," they criticized Harsha Bhogle, an Indian commentator – who was accused of a tendency by Warne.

The Australian tweeted: “If (England) Ben Stokes did what Ashwin did to (India's Virat Kohli captain) would be fine?” T

Stokes, who took two wickets and scored six runs for Royals in the exciting game on Monday, got his voice on the issue in a light touch on Twitter.

"I hope I play in the World Cup final, and if @imVkohli is fighting when I bowling, I would never be unforgettable forever…. He said."

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