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DAY – Top Economic Events to Rag 27 | Agricultural Goods

Nov 27 (Reuters) –

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—————————— This Diary is filed daily. ** Showing new events —————————— TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 27 ** VADSTENA, Sweden – Swedish central bank Deputy Governor Henry Ohlsson will visit Vadstena Sparbank and discuss the economic situation and current financial policy – GMT 1700. ATHENS – Greek Bank Governor Yannis Stournaras talks at a conference on structural reforms during the country's financial crisis – 1000 GMT. NEW YORK – Vice President of Federal Reserve Richard Clarida talks on "Data Reliance and Financial Policy of the United States" before the 2018 Clearing House Annual Conference – 1330 GMT. FRANKFURT, Germany – A prominent speech from the ECB board member, Yves Mersch at Werkstattgesprache "Nachhaltigkeit wird Mainstream" organized by Luxembourg for Finance and Borsenzeitung in Frankfurt, Germany – 1600 GMT. PARIS – Executive Director of the Bank of the West of England for Supervision of International Banks, Sarah Breeden is taking part in the Climate Finance Day – 0930 GMT LUXEMBOURG CITY – member of ECB board Yves Mersch speaking in Luxembourg – 1600 GMT. LONDON – Director of Banks and Chief Bank Holder of England Victoria Cleland gives a speech at Payments International, London – 1345 GMT. MONDON – The Bank of England Governor, Mark Carney, is taking part in Questions and Cases online on the future of money. STOCKHOLM – Deputy Governor and Executive Board of Swedish central bank Cecilia Skingsley will conduct the speech & considerations for a non-cash society & # 39; in the SNS, Center for Business Studies and Policy. The speech will be addressed by Johanna Lybeck Lilja, executive consultant in Nordea and Peter Englund, emeritus professor of financial economics – 0700 GMT.

NEW YORK – Federal Reserve of the Bank of Chicago President Charles Evans, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Raphael Bostic and Federal President of the President of the Kansas City President Esther George is engaged in financial innovation, the economy, regulation and future panel of payments before the Clearing House 2018 Conference Annual – 1930 GMT.

WELLINGTON – The New Zealand Reserve Bank publishes a financial stability report every half year – 2000 GMT. WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 28

FRANKFURT, Germany – Opening comments by ECB Benoit Coeure board member at the Foreign Exchange Liaison Group meeting in Frankfurt, Germany – 1205 GMT. DINAS LUXEMBOURG – ECB board member Peter Praet, chairing II session on "Investing finance in Europe – a system that's suitable for growth?" At a conference on investment, transformation and technological skills, organized jointly by the EIB and the ECB in Luxembourg – 1520 GMT. DINAS LUXEMBOURG – Vice President ECB Luis de Guindos gives Opening comments at the conference on Investment, Technological Transformation and Skills organized jointly by the EIB and the ECB in Luxembourg – GMT 1300. LONDON – Bank of England announces Financial Stability Report – 0700 GMT.

DINAS NEWYDD YORK – Chairman of Federal Reserve Jerome Powell speaking on "Federal Fund Framework for Monitoring Financial Stability" before the New York Signature Luncheon Economic Club – GMT 1700.

THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 29 ** STOCKHOLM – Swedish central bank Deputy Governor Per Jansson holds a speech on "Financial policy in less favorable times – what possibilities are available?" At the JLL Finansmarknadsdag conference – 0830 GMT. ** HELSINKI – Swedish central bank Deputy Governor Martin Floden will be taking part in a panel discussion on cyber threats at the 2nd Annual Cyber ​​Nordic Conference in Finance in Helsinki – 0830 GMT. WASHINGTON D.C. – Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell saves students' teams at the Federal Fund's Fifth Final Fifth Meeting of the Federal Reserve Boundary Fund – 1330 GMT. MADRID – Governor of the Spanish Bank Pablo Hernandez de Cos to present an opening speech on the Moody Investors Service Anniversary Celebration in Spain – 1900 GMT. FRANKFURT, Germany – Address Welcome by President ECB Mario Draghi at the Global Research Forum – Macroeconomics and International Finance – organized jointly by ECB and the United States Federal Reserve – 0800 GMT. MILAN, Italy – ECB member of the supervisory board Ignazio Angeloni is participating in the Session Panel III "European Banking Union towards the conclusion: what benefits and what new burdens for European banks? " At the 2018 Italian Banking Conference organized by LUISS Business School and Harvard Business Review in Milan, Italy – 1315 GMT. WASHINGTON D.C. – The Office of the Treasury Financial Research Office and the Federal Bank of Cleveland Fund who co-sponsors a two-day Financial Stability Conference, in Washington – 1330 GMT. FUKUOKA, Japan – A board member of the Japan Bank, Takako Masai, presents speech to business leaders in Fukuoka, southern Japan, and holds a news conference – 0130 GMT. BOSTON – Federal Reserve Bank President Cleveland Loretta Mester, Federal Bank Reserve Chicago President Charles Evans, Federal Reserve Bank Reserve Patrick Harker, Federal Reserve Bank Minneapolis President Neel Kashkari, Federal Reserve Bank President Eric Rosengren and Federal Fund Reserves of President of Dallas Robert Kaplan participating in the Forum for Cooperation for Inclusive Economic Development & hosted by Living Cities Cooperations & # 39; – 1930 GMT. OSLO – Deputy Governor of the Norwegian Central Bank Egil Matsen gives a speech at Norges Bank – 0800 GMT.

OSLO – The Governor of the Norwegian Central Bank Oystein Olsen gives a speech at the Nordea Wholesale Banking annual dinner – 1730 GMT. WASHINGTON D.C. – The Federal Federal Opening Committee of the US Federal Reserve will release records of a policy meeting 7-8 November – 1900 GMT.


** STOCKHOLM – Swedish central bank Deputy Governor Cecilia Skingsley will discuss the economic situation and current financial policy at an information meeting held by the Swedish Finance Housing Association – 0845 GMT. ROME – Spokesman from the ECB board member, the launch event of Yves Mersch in TIPS, jointly organized by Banca d 'Italia and ECB in Frascati (Rome), Italy – 1000 GMT. FRANKFURT, Germany – member of members ECB Board Moderate Panel Benoit Coeure in the Global Research Forum: Macroeconomics and international finance, jointly organized by ECB, the Federal Reserve Board and the New York Federal Reserve Bank, in Frankfurt, Germany – 1245 GMT. TOKYO – Comments from the Japanese Bank Executive Director, Yuichi Ikeda, at the 7th FinTech Forum in Tokyo – 0500 GMT. NEW YORK – The New York Federal Reserve Bank releases the text of the comments prepared by President John Williams before the panel, "The Global Economy: Tackling Future Declining" at the Group's closed door meeting Trigain in New York – GMT 1400. SATURDAY, 1 BERN DECEMBER – A speech by Thomas Jordan, chairman of the Swiss National Bank's Governing Board, on "The Importance of Research and Academic Teaching for the Swiss Success Model" in Academicus Day at the University of Bern – 0900 GMT. MONDAY, DECEMBER 3 ** LAREDO, Texas – Federal Reserve Bank Dallas President Robert Kaplan is taking part in a moderation question and answer session before a community forum hosted by the Dallas Bank Federal Reserve – 1800 GMT.

NEW YORK – The President of the New York President of John Williams President's Federal Reserve welcomes introductory comments in the U.S. Treasury Market Development Development Structure. – 1415 GMT. NEW YORK – Lael Brainard Federal Reserve Board Governor speaks before the US Treasury Market Development Development Fund. – 1530 GMT. CAMBRIDGE, England – Chief Economist Bank of England Andy Haldane participating in Cambridge Public Policy Annual Lecture – 1730 GMT. BRUSSELS – Eurozone Eurozone Finance Ministers meet to discuss the deepening of eurozone zones deeper, including the eurozone budget, new powers for their lending fund and deposit guarantee scheme – GMT 1400. STOCKHOLM – Riksbank Executive Board Meeting – 0800 GMT.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 4 LONDON – Executive Director of the English Bank of England Supervisory David Rule will take part in the 6th Annual Insurance and Risk Conference – 1355 GMT. PLYMOUTH, England – Bank of England Financial Policy Committee Member, Gertjan Vlieghe, gives a speech at the 2018 Plymouth Manufacturing Group Annual Lecture during a regional visit to South West, Plymouth – 1800 GMT. BRUSSELS – European Union Finance Ministers Meeting – 0800 GMT.


LONDON – Bank of England announces Minutes of the Finance Policy Committee held on 20 November 2018 – 0930 GMT. LONDON – The Bank of England publishes its final full assessment of the health of British banks and a wider financial system before the country leaves the European Union – 0700 GMT. WASHINGTON D.C. – The Federal Reserve addresses the Beige Book of an economic condition – 1900 GMT. FRANKFURT – ECB Governance Council Meeting. No interest rate announcements have been organized. NIIGATA, Japan – Deputy Governor Bank Masazumi Wakatabe gives a speech at a meeting with business leaders in Niigata – 0130 GMT. WASHINGTON D.C. – Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell testifies on the economic forecasts before the congressional Economic Joint Committee – 1515 GMT.

OTTAWA – Canada Bank policy policy interest rate announcement – 1500 GMT.


LONDON – Acting Director of the English Bank Markets, Andrew Hauser, is participating in The Finance Hive Live: FX London – 0845 GMT.

NEW YORK – The Federal Reserve of the New York President John Williams Bank takes part in a moderation discussion organized by the London School of Economics and Political Science – 2330 GMT. TORONTO, Canada – The Canadian Bank Governor, Stephen Poloz, will present a speech on the central bank interest rate decision on December 5. – 1335 GMT. ATLANTA, Ga. – Atlanta Federal Reserve Bank President Raphael Bostic talks on the national forecasts before the Outlook Georgia Economic event – 1715 GMT.

FRANKFURT – ECB Council General Meeting. TORONTO – The Bank Government Stephen S. Poloz gives the final speech of the year at Marriott Downtown at CF Toronto Eaton Center – GMT 1300. TUESDAY, DECEMBER 11 LONDON – The Bank of England publishes the Minutes of the meeting of the Financial Policy Committee held on November 28, 2018 – 0930 GMT.

THURSDAY, DECEMBER 13 FRANKFURT – The ECB Governance Council holds a financial policy meeting. Press conference following the meeting. BERN – Swiss National Bank financial policy assessment (SNB) with a news conference – 0830 GMT.

STOCKHOLM – Riksbank Executive Board Meeting – 0800 GMT. OSLO – Norway Central Bank announces interest rate decision – 0900 GMT. OSLO – The Norwegian Central Bank holds an Announcement of the Executive Board interest rate determination and the Financial Policy publication, followed by a press conference – 0930 GMT. WELLINGTON – The New Zealand Reserve will hold a conference that focuses on links between financial markets and the macro-economy, or macro-finance for short (up to 14 November)

MONDAY, DECEMBER 17 STOCKHOLM – Riksbank General Council Meeting – 1200 GMT.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 18 BRATISLAVA – A news conference is held – 1200 GMT Member of the ECB Governor Member Jozef Makuch.

WASHINGTON D.C. – Federal Federal Reserve Market Committee of the United States Federal Reserve (FOMC) begins its two-day interest rate meeting (up to December 19). OSLO – The Governor of the Norwegian Central Bank Oystein Olsen gives a speech to the regional network, the Eastern region of Oslo. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 19 WASHINGTON D.C. – U.S. Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC) publishes its decision on interest rates followed by a statement – 1900 GMT. WASHINGTON D.C. – The chair of the US Federal Reserve is holding a news conference – 1930 GMT. TOKYO – The Japan Bank holds a Financial Policy Meeting (until December 20).

STOCKHOLM – Riksbank holds an executive board meeting, financial policy meeting No. 6 – 0800 GMT.


STOCKHOLM – Swedish Central Bank announces interest rate decision. Financial policy report is published – 0830 GMT. LONDON – Bank of England publishes Summary and minutes of the Finance Policy Committee meeting – 1200 GMT.


PHILADELPHIA, United States – Federal Bank of Philadelphia Reserve & Outlook Business Nonmanufacturing Survey for December & # 39; – 1330 GMT. OTTAWA – Bank of Canada to release its business forecast report, based on a survey of around 100 companies – 1500 GMT.


TOKYO – Japan Bank releases Minutes of Financial Policy Meeting held on October 30 and 31 – 2350 GMT.


TOKYO – Bank of Japan to release a summary of opinion by board members at its policy meeting 19-20 December – 2350 GMT. —————————————-

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