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Dan Huawei fire and folding screens are a focus on the highest mobile fair


The company is the main tool maker for the fifth generation cellular networks that operators start installing.

The Huawei logo stands on the Huawei office building in Dongguan in the southern province of Guangdong in China on December 18, 2018. Photo: AFP

TOKYO – Phone makers will focus on folding screens and the introduction of fast wire 5G wireless networks into the world's largest mobile fighter that starts Monday in Spain as they try to decline a decline in smartphone sales.

Huawei will also be featured in the four-day Global Mobile Congress (MWC) in Barcelona as Chinese telecommunications fighting US efforts to persuade its allies not to use the company's technology to build their 5G networks because Concerns that her gear could facilitate to spy Chinese.

The company is the main tool maker for the fifth generation cellular networks that operators start installing. The technology – known as 5G – will bring close-up connectivity for smartphones and automobiles devices for robots.

"This year, we will see the real 5G launch taking place in different countries, and the focus will be on where, when, how and what are the benefits to 5G users in 2019," said Ian Fogg, A mobile industry analyst at OpenSignal, which collects and analyzes data from mobile networks.

Huawei and other companies have arranged to hold 5G phone demos at the fair, although the next generation wireless network will not be widely available for many more years.

Samsung, the world's largest smartphone seller, revealed a handout that folds open to be a tablet on Wednesday in San Francisco, becoming a leading maker to offer the expected expected feature.

China's Xiaomi and several other companies are expected to follow Samsung's lead and appropriate foldable devices in Barcelona, ​​although it was not clear if they were commercially available prototypes or devices such as Samsung.


Removable phones come as handset makers scratching to introduce new features to attract customers.
The value of 4.1% in 2018 was sold to sell smart smart phones to a total of 1.4 billion units due to economic slowdown in China, which uses around one third of phones and worlds, and a great lack of innovation that & It's encouraging people to upgrade their devices, according to a research company IDC.

Sales of 0.5 per cent in 2017 for a first annual decline.

"People have been still telephoning their longer phones. Much of it is frustrating for consumers that devices do not change tons and prices are upright," said an advanced IDC research analyst, Ryan Reith.

Apple will not be present at the show and this year's Huawei will present his new high priority at an event in Paris in March instead of the fair.

As the three largest phone makers will not reveal new devices in Barcelona, ​​the rest of the industry will have a rare opportunity to capture the fairness.


Huawei was boosted in his struggle to relieve concerns about his technology in the pre-congress period after the Financial Times reported on Monday that British intelligence has come to the conclusion that security risks can be managed through use equipment made by the company.

And the mobile communications industry body, GSMA, organizing the fair, urges European governments not to ban Huawei from helping to build their 5G networks.

Australia, New Zealand and Japan have followed the Washington call for the Huawei ban, but the European picture is more dancing, especially because the 5-player Huawei abilities are in front of their competitors, says analysts.

Large countries such as Germany were afraid to ban the Chinese company would cause a significant refusal in Europe's efforts to use 5G and remain competitive in communication.

The fair will be an opportunity for the Chinese company "to show that they are still doing their job, it is still innovating, and to do things very different to & # 39 ; w competitors, "said Dexter Thillien, an analyst at Fitch Solutions.

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