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DA: NPA reason to temporarily dispose of Estina case in flimsy & # 39;


JOHANNESBURG – The Democratic Alliance (DA) says "he is" commenting on the decision by the National Prosecution Authority (NPA) to withdraw the case against the accused in the case of Temporary fraud temporarily, but the opposition states that the reasons given are "flimsy at best, and totally unexpected".

In response to Wednesday it is reported that the issue of R250 million Estina milk fraud would be repeatedly repeatedly, the DD said that it would be taken with the National Public Prosecution Director, Dr Silas Ramaite.

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The matter was due back to court next week, but the NPA has stated that it will temporarily remove the fraud of R250 million because it has not been able to complete his investigations.

The accused person includes former CEO of Oakbay, Nazeem Howa, Varun Gupta, Nuppon the Gupta brothers, former Sahara CEO, Ashu Chawla, director of Estina Kamal Vasram and three state provincial government officials, Peter Thabethe, Sylvia Dlamini and Takisi Masiteng have been facing payments of fraud, theft, plot to commit fraud and theft.

They were also accused of breach of the Public Finance Management Act, breach of the Companies Act, and breach of Organized Crime Prevention sections.

Notes are that the payments will be dropped on Tuesday when the accused appears at the Bloemfontein Magistrates' Court.

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The move has drawn criticism from the DA who has been blameless for the lack of skills for the NPA failure to reach the conclusion of investigations.

"The NPA has no forensic accounting capacity, and it has never had," said Glynnis Breytenbach, a member of the MP who is shadowing the minister of justice.

Breytenbach, former prosecutor above APC, added: "This function has always contracted out to private companies, by the SAPS [SA Police Service]. This is a function of SAPS. Holding the state is an offense committed to the people of South Africa.

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"The issue of Estina is a particularly good example of the effect this phenomenon has on our most vulnerable members of society.

"The Gupta family and their colleagues are still the ANC parliamentary benches, in this case, are literally stolen by the poor to give the rich pockets and the line of the those that have been politically linked to ANC.

"Allowing those who are involved in getting rid of this will be an even more offense. It will send the message that South Africa is a country where there is no political and associated political elite accountability and It's not right for those without the financial muscles to fight only. "

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