Sunday , January 17 2021

Chris Jericho said Vince McMahon thought his game with Kevin Owens was one of the worst in Wrestlemania.

In an interview with Inside the Ropes (through Wrestling Inc), Chris Jericho revealed that Vince McMahon believed his game with Kevin Owens in Wrestlemania 33 was one of the worst games in Wrestlemania history. Highlights include:

On the building to the game with Owens: “I think the buildup for the Owens game, which I mean, is one of the best years of my career. The whole of 2016, the building, all “The Festival of Friendship was amazing. Everyone goes, ‘Oh, we knew he was going to turn to you. '; You didn't know. Nobody knew because we had been ill [the breakup] so many times. “The Friendship Festival”, I wanted her to go from David Lee Roth's 1980 video to the Red Wedding “Game of Thrones” chapter… One of the best parts of RAW's history, people say. ”

On the Festival of Friendship: “I had to fight for that. Vince wasn't there that week and all the things we agreed on were changed, and I had to fight back. Neither I nor Triple H were in a good deal. I was, ‘You're wrong’, it seems, ‘You're wrong. 'I say, fy My segment i. ‘This is my show.‘ It's not your show, Vince's show Blah, blah, blah. Finally, we did the way we did, and the way I had predicted it, sent me a text later and said it was amazing, that was great. ”

Vince's response to the game: “I thought [the match with Owens] it was good but it seemed a bit lost. The problem with us is that we are after Shane and AJ, which is funny because I was the previous year and AJ and we were after the school game. We were second two years and I liked 'Fu-, I'd like to be first.' As the AJ game is good, but again, the people are so close to it and the second is hard, no matter who you are. So I thought the game was good. I was very surprised when I saw KO left and it's like, ince Vince said it was one of the worst games in the history of WrestleMania. He wanted Kevin to be this kind of heel and Kevin made a lot of stuff off the top rope and flashy movements, and Vince didn't want it. I think Vince had struggled at the time and it would have been very difficult to see him, Vince never told me about the game. I had never said anything so he never said it was the worst game in WrestleMania's history, he never said a word about it. We talked about it the next night and we didn't go into detail, but it went, Yeah, yes, yes. [Kevin] to lose weight and this is terrible, and you don't know anything, ”continued Jericho. “I've been through it. Vince told me that you are green as grass, you are not worth the paper that your contract had to print back in 1999. So, I told him, you are now going through Vince bootcamp and stick because you will be fine. Do I think it's a great game? No. Do I think this was one of the worst games in WrestleMania's history? Not quite. ”

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