Monday , January 25 2021

Chris Claremont has an eye on Idris Elba to the Bishop

The Bishop was a character created by Whilce Portacio a John Byrne am Uncanny X-Men, and then took the character X-treme X-Dynion comic without Chris Claremont, Salvador Larroca a Igor Kordey. It was portrayed by Omar Sy inside X-Men: Days of the Past based on the Claremont / Byrne comic.

And she's currently loving ice with Jean Gray over X-Man Age.

But Chris Claremont has just seen the trailer for Hobbs to Shaw. And he has an idea.

Dang! I'm saying, * Dang! * Only the trailer Hobbs & Shaw who saw. Apart from the fact that they would make a fantastic F & F team crossing over with John Wick, the whole revelation is Idris Elba, waiting for her, the Bad Guy. I'm sorry, I'll find myself rushing for it because, well, he is. And speaking only of the X perspective, he * is perfectly perfect for (my vision of) Bishop! Not to mention 007, bit that * s * so * another path completely. Perhaps it could be compatible with the Rock but if so, who could the heck the studio could find to prove a decent objector? This could be a stunning * awesome summer * …

No reason why folk of the far future can not look like gods of the present, right?

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