Thursday , March 4 2021

Chris Brown Wins Clapback of Navy After Commenting on Rihanna's Photo

Words by: Rashad Grove

Steamy's Instagram Rihanna photographs have admitted a great deal and give a lot of attention. The "Worker" singer has been promoting his Savage line X Garment Costume. Even Chris Brown chimed into attention on the pictures of his ex-girlfriend. To say that Brown's comments on his former IG lovers would have caused excitement, he would subscribe. Rihanna's deadly supporters did not think their comments were necessary.

The Navy went into wonder when it was discovered that the singer "Transformer" was obscure to comment on Rihanna's pictures. The Navy began to roasting Chris Brown across social media.

For those who are not aware, both excellent singers have a long history with each other. Rihanna and Brown started dating 2008 and ended his relative less than a year later after he was attacked physically following a former Grammy party. Brown would plead guilty to the felony assault charges. He was finally sentenced to five years of trial and won a great blow. Their highly controversial and public public headlines on all news shops.

If you do not know, Rihanna & Navy is faithful and do not play with them. This is not the first time they got to defend Rihanna because of Brown and it's probably the last time.

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