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Character Character Development and Talks, Super Smash Bros.


With 74 playable characters, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has limited, and the series maker, Masahiro Sakurai, recently spoke to Game Informer about how each one was chosen and developed.

Sakurai, who said "is really a miracle" every time Nintendo creates a Smash Bros. game. new, for realizing the dream of the contents of each previous fighter. He did that team and then some, adding 11 new characters to 63. Used previously, but even that did not meet all Smash fans.

"There will be people who may feel disappointed if there were no fighters who appeared in a previous title," Sakurai said. "I did not want any players to feel like that, so we worked hard to do this.

"But what I learned is, regardless of our best, no matter how difficult we are trying, and no matter how many fighters we're not involved, so feel ".

On an ongoing basis, Sakurai explained that the team chooses all the characters that will appear in each Smash game at the beginning of the development. No character will be added or deleted after that.

That could seem strange, considering the Incineroar Pokemon even being created until Ultimate started to develop, but Sakurai had planned for this and purposefully left an open slot on the Pokemon list – knowing that Nintendo working on a new game.

When choosing the characters, Sakurai is pressing the need to balance the list against which fans of the votes are voted on on the Nintendo Fight Voting Smash Bros. After that, there's a point of showing how to make those characters and their periods feel valid.

"You may not expect it, but it's not just the reproduction of the original work coming out as it should," said Sakurai. "By emphasizing orders, we can create elements in a way where something realistic and chic does not look a disgrace."

"To be knowledgeable to a degree of every character you have. There are also times where staff go deep into the original work, and add even better elements."

Sakurai said he felt "without talking" after seeing a supportive response to Ultimate's character revealing, but his goal is not to be caught up by fans of surprise. However, Piranha Children became a surprise, but Sakurai did not choose her for the wow factor.

"Instead, I think it's important to have a good balance like a game. In the last titles in the series, Mr. Game & Watch, ROB and Duck Hunt Dog were some of them; The examples offered outside the typical expectations of people, "he said. "However, if we do not have these types of fighters, and we only have typical" hero / heroine "fighters in the line, there is not much difference. very interesting, right? "

Japanese fans can get their hands soon Amiibo version of Piranha Children and 62 other later characters in one set. Before launching Dec. 7, Smash Bros. Ultimate, every fan can read on the story of World Light.

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