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Battlefield V – Single Player – Review – Battlefield V


Welcome, supporters of the Battlefield! This year we have broken the review into its one-player and multiple components to give supporters of all styles to play a better idea of ​​what's up. This review includes only the one player mode, with the multiplayer report and the Battlefield V review generally coming soon.

Too often, the one-player drive of a multi-player shooter is not a glorious tutorial. Certainly, the Battlefield series has been guilty of this in the past, but the Battlefield V set of three two-hour drive is not sure. Each has a pretty interesting story that takes you through a series of varied and beautiful settings when they are not reduced to a flammable rubbish of their surroundings. I would have liked to love if I could make better use of the incredible Battlefield incredible set that gave us in the middle of a full war more often.

This is a run-a-gun shooter, where the health is regenerating and the tools and the ammo are enough. As a result, whenever the actions will heat up the speed, as soon as the explosions will be magnificent. So, here is an interesting design of DICE that two of the three campaigns have virtually fought exclusively on your own and emphasizing the very exciting game. That's OK, except that it does not provide the strength of huge maps for the Battlefield series with a place for a lot of great war to use well.

It does not give strength to the Battlefield & # 39; series in a great war for good use.

It is also strange that the fact that these trips are almost completely fired on foot, except for a few maps that give you the option to give the best in jeep or plane. The only time you drive a tank or a flight is a real mission around the air is about a minute in the short, very short tutorial. The three stories with each other are still six hours of fun to fight, but many have left on board in that regard.

The first campaign, Dan Dim Baner, is the stars of young people recruited by a gruff veterans to join the British Special Boat Service, which turns out, very little to do with boats. The pair's sabotage mission in North Africa begins with a fairly linear, palliative journey to a Nazi airport where the most memorable momentum comes from the separation between the two. Their relationship with a mentor-defense is just clicked and wrote and acted, with accounts of a really funny humor to strengthen their characters in the short time we have with them.

Under the second Dim Faner mission she's going to be interesting: an open broad map gives you a choice of three targets to get into it in any order. Technically, it does not make a lot of difference what you are doing, as the one of the facilities you're going to do not affect both Another, but the freedom to approach them from any angle – preventing the tagging of enemy troops with your binoculars and planning your assault, Far Cry -style – gives you a virtual control. The map is big enough to allow you to take a plane and fly around, but on normal difficulty the enemy aircraft did not seem to fight, so air control was not as challenging as it would be & It seems to have been.

You can stop tagging enemy troops with binoculars and planning their Assault, Distance-Gull.

The campaign is captured by a holding mission against waves of babies and Nazi, which is a good fight as long as it prevents thinking of how ridiculous it is for one man to run between anti-tank, anti-air, and anti-personnel tires fight against hands to a small army.

It helps in that effort that the AI ​​enemy is quite weak overall. Sometimes German soldiers take a cover, but just as often they will get fire into a machine gun outdoors. And once you've shot one, you've shot the vast majority of them – variety is limited to standard soldiers with various but similar tools, upgraded versions of one Those soldiers who can absorb tired amount of gaps, and occasional flame soldiers. That means that the vehicle finds a head's fight feeling, especially as anti-vehicle weapons are harder to come.

The second campaign, Nordlys, is sending us to Norway frozen, which has been occupied by the Nazis in the clocks of a fighter of young female objects that – I do not help you – kill enemies through throw knives on them while knitting on scis. Those are quite difficult to draw out, for obvious reasons, and once you have tied one to meet the mission's challenge, you're likely to fit fiercely, where those who throw knives make things really easier. You can whip and ski at any time, however, it's fun to play with it – especially if you're not really worried about seeing or reloading a checkpoint on behind hiding off the cliff edge to death. They get much more useful in their second-last mission, which still opens things and lets you choose your targets. Skis does not take place for aircraft, however, which is unfortunately absent here.

You can kill enemies with throwing knives while swelling on scis.

In a boost to variety, Nordlys uses the freezing weather to introduce a unique play mechanism in one of trips where you have to heat yourself in a fire every time to keep it free from death . However, I would not want this to go later than it was done, as homicides and patient constraints do not mix well.

I had a tougher time to have an interest in this character than in the British one, partly because it's hard to read subtitles for the Norweigan voice acting as you're shot, but also because its motives and & # 39 ; to origin so simple.

The final campaign available at the launch, Tirailleur, is far from the best, for many reasons. The first is his story, which deals with a commentary in good faith on racially during the release of France by taking a back seat to a more general commentary on human costs of courage and ambition, avoiding feeling. heavy. The story, he says, does not always favor the bold. Despite similar problems in enforcing non-French speakers to share our attention between headline mitigation and subtitling reading, Tirailleur's main participant is becoming very effective as a man whose dignitarian goals drive to absurdity.

Tirailleur is the only campaign that makes me feel an important part of a military in war.

Secondly, Tirailleur is the only campaign that makes me feel an important part of a military in a war rather than a super-powerful Rambo. Immediately from the start, you fight alongside veterans that are broken down to the left and left, and their Attendance means that all the situation feels much more complicated. The fact that the wind blows a great number of autumn leaves over both sides of the body's bodies as you pay for it makes it much more active.

These battles – including its striking campaign to capture a fortified cat on top – is a large scale, and while you never manage to drive or fly any vehicles at all, we can see spectacular views of battle in By battle across the map, with artillery and rockets digging down in the distance (or on your head if you do not move). This is clearly clear what is Battlefield, and I have to think why DICE had not pushed her to her.

Re-play in the campaign trips comes from scattered collections and achievement style challenges, such as pulling down a plane with a hand-held weapon or rescuing resistant fighter, which gives you something to do besides & # 39; r route of minimum resistance.

It should be noted that the screen has a van fan open for The Last Tiger, which, at some point in the near future, will enable us to play from a non-Nazi German side to record to a tank crew. EA has not specifically stated when this fourth campaign is available.

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