Monday , March 1 2021

Australian island resort sleep pilot stations

A commercial pilot is being investigated after collapsing in the cockpit of a freight aircraft and emigrating its Australian island destination by 46km, said officials on Tuesday.

The pilot, who was not known, was the only person on board the Piper PA-31 Navajo Maintain the re-octave and was flying on self-governing during the early tour on November 8 of the Devonport City on Tasmania 250km to & # 39; northwest to King Island in Bas, his employer, Vortex Air, said in a statement.

The pilot "unintentionally sleeps by ordering the plane," said the airline based on Melbourne.

"The issue became apparent when air traffic control could not connect to the pilot, and the plane traveled past the intended destination point when acting on the self-paperwork," he said. statement.

Air traffic control recordings showed a number of radio calls to the disproportionate pilot, the Australian newspaper reported.

He said the pilot scheme that was safely landed on King Island, Vortex Air.

The Australian Transportation Security Office, accident and risk researcher, and the Civil Aviation Security Authority, the airline industry regulator, investigates the event and the management of the company of pilot tiredness.

The office confirmed that the plane had overflowed 46km from King Island Airport because the pilot slept. He said he would interview the pilot and review Vortex Air operational procedures before issuing a report on the incident.

Vortex Air said that fly 06:20 was the first on the first day of the pilot back at work after taking a holiday. He continued to fly that day.

The newspaper said that the pilot reported for the duty although he had little or no sleep during the previous night due to a personal emergency.

"Vortex Air takes the safety of our passengers, crew and pilots very seriously and they always adhere to all security procedures," said the airline.

"This is an extremely rare event, as shown by the company's outstanding security history," he added.

The company said that it was helping the pilot to "return safely to full duties".

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