Monday , January 18 2021

Ariana Grande offered $ 1.5 million for tattoo removal

Ariana paused accidentally to a small charcoal grille with the Japanese inking when she had intended to have the name of her 7 new single Rings.

FILE: American singer Ariana Grande. Photo: @ arianagrande / Instagram

A tattoo moving company has offered Ariana Grande of $ 1.5 million if it is used to remove a new tattoo.

Y Thanks U, Next A hitmaker came accidentally to a small charcoal grill with the Japanese inking, she had pushed her palm last week when she intended to get her new single name 7 Ring.

Ariana was the revised tattoo of "shrichirin" but is now translating into a "Japanese BBQ finger" and a tattoo pulling company has offered her help to get rid of her and they will pay her a huge amount.

TMZ reports that LaserAway has sent an Ariana letter last week, offering its $ 1.5 million to star "one photo / video shooting in the LaserAway location, which will be used in social media, print and viral campaigns."

The letter – signed by the company's president, Todd Heckmann – also asks Ariana for one month's social media post for LaserAway.

It ends with the words, "Thanks, the next little barbeque grill".

Ariana manager, Scooter Braun, told the website: "I can not speak for Ariana because we have not received this letter, however, if they are willing to send me the offer, I'll know that I & # 39 ; I'm happy to have a tattoo and then pull it out very quickly … for $ 1.5k. We hope we can make this deal before the album comes out next week – an incredible plug. "

Ariana admitted earlier this week that she had made a mistake with the tattoo, which led to the word shrichirin & # 39; is engraved on its palm.

However, Ariana suggested that she did not intend to amend her because she pretended she would not have been able to cope with the pain to do it longer and did not expect her. plan to stay permanently anyway.

Recognizing the error on her Twitter account, he wrote in a message that has now deleted: "In fact, I'll leave [some characters] who should have gone in. It hurts like f ** k n still looks tight. I would not have had one more lmao symbol. But this fan also stimulates a tonne and it will not continue so if I lose it enough, I'll suffer through all the next time (sic) "

And she admitted she liked the unintentional message.

He added: "also … a huge fan of small grills (sic)"

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