Thursday , January 20 2022

Appeared on the Xiaomi Mi 3 Market Mix in an unusual color


На рынке появился Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 необычном цвете

Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix in the color Emerald Green goes on sale on November 11thWith the smartphone Xiaomi – Mi Mix 3 – it went on sale on November 1st, but not in all color variations, shown during the announcement, wrote with reference to

The first batch of devices was sold quickly, and the second sale for November 11. It will include Xiaomi Mi 3 Mix Sapphire Blue and Black colors and in the Emerald Green color, which was not for sale again.

Xiaomi Mi 3, recalling, has an AMOLED 6.39-inch higher display with a resolution of 2340 x 1080 pixels, Snapdragon 845 chips, 6 GB / 8 GB / 10 GB of RAM, battery supported for charging 10 -wat.

There is also a 128 GB / 256 GB flash account, 9 Pieces Android to set in advance. The front camera is a 24-Megapixel Sony IMX 576 sensor with a pixel size of 1.8 μm and an additional 2-Megapixel sensor. The main camera has two sensors in Sony MPX IMX363 12 MP with a f / 1.8 opener and a 1.4 μm pixel pixel, as well as Samsung S5k3M3 + with a f / 2.4 opening and a pixel size of 1 μm.

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