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And nothing about ansexuality is abnormal. – teenagers talking out | UK News

Emi Salda states as sexually – someone who is experiencing a lack of sexual attraction for others.

The 18-year-old has felt unwell because of her sexuality, but now he creates YouTube videos to explain to others and supports people who say it's someone sexy.

Here, she explains here a trip to come out and take pride as ansexual women.

When I came out to my mother ansexual at the beginning of 2017, he asked me "how do you know that you did not meet the correct person", and I told her that I only had something and # 39 he does not know it

He told me that I can be who I want to be, and I cry a bit.

Nothing about ansexuality is not abnormal, says Emi
My sexuality is a lack of sexual attraction, & # 39; says Emi

Just over two years later, she is happy that I'm who I want to be, and she is also very proud of us doing so much activity. I saw that I was much more confident now and honestly, I'll feel.

I often encounter people telling me that I am not LGBTQ + enough for the ugly community. I heard a lot of people saying, "It's about who you love! I am not how much you love them! "during the Pride month last year, and it came to an end.

My sexuality is a lack of sexual attraction, and he has nothing to do with how much I love anyone, is platonic or even free!

life without sex

The Sky Data survey has found that 75% of the public can not accurately define ansexuality.

One of the biggest issues for unstable people is that people do not know that we exist.

Some people have even compared my sexuality with a plant!

That is why I'm talking about ansexuality on YouTube – to educate people and make other unstable people feel less alone.

The type of comments that I get on my YouTube videos is the type of search and search for comments that I sent on other people's videos four years ago. Now I'm teaching others, I'll feel very proud.

Being an anxiety can only feel
Being an annexual can often feel very lonely

But being an annexual can often only feel only. Basically, there are games of "never with me ever" in my worst nightmare, but because I feel suddenly it does not mean there are thousands of other people who feel there the same as me.

Nothing about abnormal ansexuality.

Everyone has a different experience with ansexuality, and just because of the moment in my life, I do not feel that there are relationships to me, it does not mean in the future that may not.

Sexuality and romantic identity are fluid and I know basic about myself now that I am ansexual and proud.

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