Sunday , January 24 2021

After elections, EFF intends to run meters

And we want justice now. We want our land now. We want jobs now. We are calling the economy now & # 39;

The EFF has expanded its scope to delegate land, saying that it will also target game farms, according to party leader Julius Malema as he launched his party's manifesto yesterday.

Malema told fans in Soshanguve, Tshwane, yesterday that the first nationalization experiment would focus on bringing game farms under state control.

The strategy appears to be an attempt to fight white landowners accused of converting their property into game farms to try to raise market value and prevent land reform.

In another new shift, Malema said on Friday that the EFF would exist in the government at Tshwane metro later in the year, suggesting that it would be possible to fight the governing DA in the borough.

Speaking at the EFF gala in Pretoria, Malema told guests that the EFF would have members of the maritime committees in both Tshwane and Johannesburg councils, who are now under the control of DA.

"We want to take some power. We've been training for too long now. We'll be infected and MMCs. In Johannesburg you will get EFF MMCs.

He said that the DA in Johannesburg, Herman Mashaba, is safe "and even if the DA fires it, they will personally put him a red cap."

In terms of Tshwane's mayor, the UK, Solly Msimanga, said Malema that he was good to leave because he had created a mess.

Msimanga said Mooketsi Mosola's city manager was used as a small throw. "We do not want a situation where politicians use administrators as strips."

City Press said last week that the EFF was unhappy in its relationship with the DA and a split could not be disregarded.

Malema said that the DA had crossed the line by going against the EFF and filed a criminal case against the party for its allegation involving spoiled VBS Mutual Bank.

In order to promote jobs, Malema said, one of the interventions would include a quota installed on each store to ensure that 60% of local products have been produced.

The EFF election manifesto focused on mitigating poverty, inequality and unemployment. His theme for the elections was: Our land and jobs now.

Malema said that the government would ensure that the amended section 25 of the Constitution to allow the abolition of land without compensation was carried forward immediately.

"The EFF government will allocate land for residential, agricultural and industrial use for free. The EFF government will colonize all reserves."

He emphasized the emphasis on land, Malema, which resulted in the fact that 25 years of political freedom reached, and 80% of the population still occupied less than 10% of South Africa land .

The red berets themselves committed to redistribute a minimum of 50% of land controlled by women and youth and the abolition of foreign land ownership.

The EFF leader announced plans to establish people's land advice to manage and redistribute land to all those who need it for residential and productive purposes.

"Land comes to people. We will propose to amend section 25 of the South Africa Constitution 1996 to allow the abolition of land without compensation for equal redistribution."

He said that people's relief from economic apartheid could not be deferred.

"We are not part of the elite agreement of 1994. We are a completely new generation, with new calls and our requirements, unlike some of the 1994 generation, will not be deferred.

"We're refusing to be calm down with what is called conciliation. We want justice now. We want our land now. We want jobs now. We are calling the economy now," he said. .

The EFF promised to ensure that at least 50% of all the mineral and country resources are beneficial, processed and added value locally.

The red berets scheme prohibited the seizure of street trader goods as a means of enforcing urban byelaws and ensuring that all local food was produced and processed on a massive scale in South Africa.

Malema told fans that the eligible age to vote should be reduced to 16.

"Age is allowed to have sex at the age of 16, so the voting age must be the same."

He promised to connect Eskom and the social development department. That way, he said, they would know when someone had a social grant and that person would also receive electricity and other necessities for free.

The media promised that the EFF government would not try to regulate it.

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